Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Harriet’s Tea Room Review

harriets tea room
Start the year as you mean to go on, that’s my thinking.  My first (of hopefully probably many) cream tea of 2015 was here, in Harriet's Tea Room Bury St Edmunds. My good friend had bought Mr and I a voucher each for Christmas so we thought we’d go and have a mooch around the sales, and have a nice civilised cuppa.
Harriet’s looks like one of those old fashioned tea rooms your granny used to go to. Actually the Bury branch only opened in 2001. It was Saturday lunchtime and as expected the world and their auntie had decided to partake in afternoon tea, but we got a table quickly served by one of the young waitresses in their old fashioned black and white uniform.
I had the cream tea which was yummy, my only thought was the scones were cold. I’m a scone warmed up kind of girl. Having said that, the scones were delicious. Mr had a baguette as he was after a savoury but I let him have half of one of my scones because I’m nice like that.
The tea? English Breakfast for me and Earl Grey for Mr.  Mine was very perfect, and I do like it when you get a pot of hot water too. Mr’s earl grey was very week, I think he would have liked another spoon of tea leaves in the pot, but he did say it was very nice tea, which is quite a compliment as he’s normally married Twinings. I'm sure that if asked the polite efficient waitress would have warmed my scone and even given Mr another scoop of leaves, but really, it wasn't that much of a deal.
The good thing is we still have a voucher as we only used one, so we can go back. Maybe I’ll pay the extra and have the full blown afternoon tea then, I did look longingly at the groups of girlfriends with their tiered cake stands full of yumminess. Hmm maybe even a glass of fizz to complete the treat?
I'm a bit sad we didn't purchase any tea to bring home but I can always go to their website and order some
So the question of the day is are you a scone warm or cold girl/boy?


  1. Hi,
    I love cream tea and I am a warm scone girl too!, me and my mum used to have cream tea every year in various tea rooms including the The Dorchester in London, something to start again in 2015! xx

  2. It sounds good. I am happy to eat scones cold but I do get a bit excited if I'm served a warm one unexpectedly, hehe! I like them warm too.

  3. I've never had a warm scone before so I guess cold?

  4. I do love a warm scone along with clotted cream and good dollop of jam... Yummy.

    X x

  5. I love a good scone, fresh out of the oven with heaps of butter.
    Good thing no one else here does or I'd be making (and eating!) them all the time!
    I find the lemonade recipe works a treat, so easy, perfect light scone. Have you tried it?

  6. p.s. I will send you my recipe. Snail mail.
    I'm planning to write a lot more proper letters this year :)

  7. I prefer a warmer one, I could just eat one now! Sarah x