Friday, 9 January 2015

On skin care & being a grown up Clinique Review

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with skin care. I would spend all my pocket money on the cheap boots ‘cucumber’ range of skin products and would have ‘pamper days’ with my best friend where we would sit on the edge of the bath and soak our feet, with face masks on and think we were really grown up.
As I got older I spent a bit more money on products, but not much more. I do wonder just how good a product can be. Yes I agree there must be a difference between the cheapest own brand and the 100.00 miracle cream, but is there really much of a difference between the middle of the range moisturiser and the 60.00 one?
Since I’ve been subscribing to the You Beauty Discovery Box I’ve had the chance to try out products that either I’ve never heard of and/or are more expensive than I’m used to. And it’s got me thinking.
I’m a grown up, I earn my own money, I don’t have any dependents (Mr D not included) so why not try out the more expensive brands?
Then again, we all love a bargain. I became aware that Clinique were doing an advent promotion, A different offer every day for a week. The goodies above were free when you bought any product from the website and then the P&P was free. I bought a nail varnish for 12.00 (yikes) and got 5 free samples. Not insignificant sizes either, the facial scrub is 30ml on its own.
I feel like a grown up in the world of skin care. I’m going to give the Clinique Happy to a friend as this is the fragrance she always wears every day and it’s a lovely little hand bag size, but the rest is mine.
I’ve tried the mascara so far. This is a great size for my make up bag, and goes on nicely. I have a thing about mascara wands now, I can’t really explain it but I like it to be a good easy application. The mascara itself seems to stay where I put it, doesn't smudge or come off easily when I rub my eyes like a 2yr old if I’m tired, and yet comes off nicely with my cleanser.
I haven’t got around to testing the rest yet, as I’m using up products I’ve started. But when I do I’ll let you know what they are like.
Do you spend a lot on skin care?


  1. Can't say I do. Creams, serums etc usually come from Aldi and Avon. I always use Clinique foundation though and would not use a cheapy. Sometimes I buy it when the free gift is on and I did quite like their mascara but not enough to pay their price!

  2. I am, admittedly, the worst at skin care. I didn't start using facial soap until I was out of college and didn't start moisturizing until after I was in my mid-20s. Sigh, only myself to blame for how I look now

  3. I don't like to spend a lot of money on beauty products, but there are two makeup brands that I will buy at the mall verses the convenience store and that is Bare Minerals and Clinique. Clinique has been a long time favorite of mine, but I only purchase when they have their "Bonus Time" which is where you get the bag of goodies and like you said the sample sizes are pretty significant!