Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday (Fitness) Thoughts..

I have never ever been on a diet. In fact when I was younger I would put myself on a ‘plump up’ because I was convinced I was too skinny (wow that was a long time ago..). Before my wedding day I enrolled in a gym because I wanted toned arms for my wedding outfit, which I mostly got, but I didn’t go mad with the fitness. I almost feel embarrassed to confess this plan as I feel as though I’m just on the end of a long line of people promising themselves to be fitter and then breaking said promise by mid February.. but..
This past year or so I’ve noticed a definite lack of fitness. I hardly got my bicycle out this year which makes me very sad as I love my bike ( her name is Tilly).
I have decided that this, my 43rd year of life, is the year I get fitter. I’m not planning on dieting. (Have you seeeen all my posts about tea and cake!) I cannot run for toffee. But I definitely need to get my bike out of the garage and well just walk more places.
I plan on eating less crap too, but…. one step at a time….lets not give the body too much of a shock..
This year so far Mr and I have had a couple of lovely long walks, yesterday I bought some new lights for my bike, and I plan on boring you all with how my fitness is going. I feel like if I feel like I have to fess up then I’m more likely to get it done.
Feel free to give a me a virtual kick up the backside if you think I’m slacking.


  1. I've never been on a diet either and other than walking (which we've done a lot less of over the last year or two!) I don't do any exercise or anything! I refused to even to part in PE at school, I hate that sort of thing so much! However, since I turned 30 (18months ago) I've put on a stone and a half and almost can't fit into my clothes anymore. I'm not fat by any means as I was always skinny, but I feel fat as this is the largest I've ever been, so I'm hoping to cut out the crap, get a bit fitter and lost a few pounds this year! It'll be good to follow your progress and might motivate me a bit too!

  2. So many goals I would love to hit this year! I was very healthy (and healthy weight) till I hit 17yrs old, running 10 miles a week and diagnosed with thyroid disease, I have struggled with weight ever since. I was down for many years for it all slowly creep back so I know I need to get much more disciplined (which is the hardest part)... I am guilty of loving Wisconsin beer & cheese too much ;-)

  3. Hahahahah bore us with your fitness plans Claire, strange how boring talking about keeping fit is...much more fun sitting on the sofa munching Rich Teas hmm? xxx

  4. Diets are not for me either. I love to eat way too much. But I usually try to eat healthy (except of all the Christmas cookies). I do want to start exercising more though, I was so lazy the last couple of months!

  5. Ugh I'm TERRIBLE when it comes to being healthy. My plan is to try to eat less, eat more healthy, and try to exercise. We shall see...

  6. I've been on loads of different exercise programs and the one I am on right now is changing my body in ways that I didn't think were even possible. I'm not sure if I'm exactly happy about the result but I know I do feel stronger and more balanced. Best of luck with your 2015 plan!