Monday, 19 January 2015

Ukulele Club

Ukulele club
I think I told you Santa bought me a Ukulele. I probably also told you I have never ever played a musical instrument, or have any clue how to read music. I do like music though and like to think that I have some kind of rhythm. I do find that the more G & T’s one consumes, the better the rhythm gets Winking smile.
There was no alcohol involved at Ukulele club though, just coffee and cake, which actually seemed to help as the 10 or so people that came (most of whom had never played a Ukulele before either) managed to play ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ without the sound police doing a raid.
This was held at a local coffee shop in the evening, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I left not feeling a complete musical numpty.
Me and my Ukulele are forming quite a little bond.


  1. Oh wow, that sounds like so much fun! And coffee and cake is always a good idea! :) I would love to learn to play another instrument. I played saxophone when I was a kid and I tried bass guitar but I don't think i am very talented. :)

  2. How fantastic Claire! What an utterly wonderful thing to do!
    I have never heard of a ukulele club before - wish I lived nearby - I'd buy myself a uke and tag along too ;)

    p.s. maybe you can share your musical prowess here? We won't mind if you need a bit of Dutch courage (in the form of a G&T or three)

  3. My neighbour's 14 year old daughter has recently got a ukelele too, they seem to be the 'in' thing! x

  4. Oh - that looks like it was great fun! :) x

  5. Looks like a fun group. We went to sing along carol night played on ukuleles at Christmas, it was so good!

  6. Aw. I can't play a single instrument so I'm really envious of those who can. Looks like a fun jamming. :)

  7. That's a lovely picture and it looks such fun! Sarah x

  8. Well done you, I can sing but that's as far as it goes. My French tutor also plays a ukulele, I'll have to ask her for a tune. Have you heard Joe Brown? He does Ace of Spades on his.