Friday, 6 February 2015

Chase your Dreams Swap Parcel

swap parcel
It’s been a while since I took part in a swap, I got sucked into quite a few a couple of years ago. Some parcels were good, some bad, some downright weird.  Then there were disappointments. Who wants to admit to being disappointed with a parcel someone took time to send you, so I decided I needed to take a rest from them, but on seeing the Chase your Dreams swap organised by the lovely Mia I decided now would be a could time to get ‘back on the bike’ .
Teamed up with a new to me blogger Bex who blogs over at an armchair by the sea, I received my parcel. The idea being to give your partner clues to your dreams for 2015 and to look through their blog for ideas. The parcel should contain items to help achieve these goals.
The morning I went to the PO to pick up my parcel I was confused. I didn’t know what the parcel would be, so unwrapped it in the local Costa coffee shop. There gifts inside were wrapped in cute polka dot paper with little notes stuck to them. There was an awkward moment when the girls on the table next to me said ‘Happy Birthday Presumably?’ I told them no, it wasn’t my birthday I had been sent a parcel of lovely things by someone I don’t know. Before the words were even out of my mouth I knew they thought I was bonkers or lying. I could have gone on to explain ‘I write a blog’ needless to say I didn’t. Should have just pretend I was a year older.
So my first dip back into the swap pool was a success, the parcel contained these wonderful thing..
Ready Set Novel. The clue being in the title, I have never seen this before but I think it’s exactly what I need to get my novel on the way.
I am more than a little excited about this, and I cannot wait to start filling the pages.
Bex knitted these gloves herself, and they are perfect for my new less driving about-more getting out there on my bike or walking promise to myself. And a cute colour too!
And a great book of local walks. Weirdly we don’t have one of these, but we do now so this means no excuses! 
If you would like to see the parcel I sent Bex you can read her post about it here

Do you take part in many swaps?


  1. What a lovely parcel.....I'd love to hear about the downright weird ones though.

  2. That looks like a fantastic swap! I'm going to have a look at that book on Amazon to see if it will help with my book writing :-)

  3. Thats a great parcel, full of such lovely items.

    X x

  4. Yay, so glad you and Bex are cheering each other on to chase your dreams! :) I love the items you received, so thoughtful! I need that book in my life, I have to go find it now. :) Thanks for joining the swap! xo