Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Giving up



The time is upon us, the time to give something  to honour the forty days when Jesus fasted in the desert and endured temptation by the devil.

When I was little I went to a Catholic school, I would always give up sweets for Lent. But I seem to remember hoarding sweets until Easter when I would  pig out on them. On our way to school we would spend pennies' found in the gutter on sweets, and I’m pretty certain this did not stop during Lent. (Those were the days of half penny and penny sweets) I’m not sure this was the right thing to do, but I also don’t remember anything said that I couldn't. And there, I wasn’t struck by lightening. FYI. That practise of finding pennies on the roadside is now apparently called Wombling, so I’ve read on the Money Saving Forums. I really should start taking that up again, I still do like a sweetie or two.

I fell off the Religious waggon a long time ago, It’s not something I really think about. The only reason I know that it’s that time of year is because I read just now that people are Tweeting that they are giving up Twitter. Fancy that.


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  1. Tweeting that you are giving up Twitter sounds a bit stupid....I do tweet but I'm way too lazy about it to ever consider giving it up...!! Husband's given up chocolate, first night, caught him scoffing chocolate cake...hahahahaa! :) x