Monday, 23 February 2015

Healthy Breakfast? (with Bettys)

bettys breakfast2
I’ve never been much of a ‘Breakfast’ person, never mind a ‘Healthy Breakfast’. I like the idea of a nice healthy breakfast, or sometimes just any breakfast. But when I’m on an early shift that requires me to be at work at 06.45. Well a cup of tea is about all I can face at that time of day.
Lately though I’ve been discovering the importance of breakfast. I’m making an effort. I’ve discovered that if I make myself a bowl of porridge (sweetened with Demerara sugar or honey) this will last me pretty much till the afternoon.  I haven't yet added fruit to my porridge but this is something I’m thinking of for future mornings. I’ve discovered that if I do this then I’m not searching for a chocolate bar at 10.30 in the morning.
If you follow my Instagram account you will know I’ve made my regular trip to Yorkshire to visit Granny. Of course there was a trip to Bettys. Although I’ve been to Bettys many a time, I have never actually had breakfast there.
Fruit wouldn’t be my normal choice, bacon or sausage bap yes, bowl of fruit with yoghurt? Hmm not usually.
But with my new improved breakfast routine I decided to pass on the eggs benedict that sister ordered and order the Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt with a pot of Bettys Breakfast Tea.
Of course it was wonderful. Of course I sat feeling quite smug at my healthy breakfast. Of course we sat and people watched enjoying the relaxed Sunday morning atmosphere for longer than we should have.
If you’ve ever been to a branch of Bettys you will know that it is always busy. The branch in Northallerton is always heaving with customers, queuing for the tea room, or buying tea coffee or cakes from the shop. But the service never changes. No matter how busy it is the staff are always so pleasant and helpful.
I think breakfast time may be my new favourite visiting time to go.


  1. I love a good big breakfast, though I have a hard time making one and usually opt for something light like oatmeal or fruit. That said, when I go to a breakfast place (like Betty's for example) I always have a good rest of the day :) There must be something to that.

  2. I couldn't go anywhere without having breakfast that one at Betty's looks such fresh and tasty. Sarah x

  3. I cant function without my Brekkie. Every time I read about your Betty outings I get jealous, I really wish we had one in Australia.

  4. Oh, yummy!! :) Happy you had such a fun time! I have a yummy oatmeal I eat every morning...add in blueberries and Granny Smith apples and it's perfect! I use steel cut oats and cook them with almond milk...even my nephew said it's the best oatmeal ever! :) LOL Now, you just pop over for brekkie one day, and I'll have a bowl all ready for you, sweet friend!

  5. Mmh, that sure looks delicious! I love having a big breakfast on the weekends. During the week there is just too little time, so we mostly opt for cereals or toast. But I can never do without my morning coffee, haha.

  6. Oh my goodness that looks so yummy! My breakfasts pretty much include a bowl of cereal, a smoothie, and some almonds. Predictable.