Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunday Thoughts (fitness)

Remember when I told all about my goal to get fit this year, I thought I should confess to how it’s going every now and then.
You may be surprised to hear (I am) that I have not driven my car for 2 weeks. I should probably confess that my car has been out of action and we have been waiting for A. a shiny new part to come in the post and B. mechanic friend to come and fix her. What you take from that is up to you, would I have got Tilly (Bike) out of the garage as often if Lilly (car) was out of action? I guess we’ll never know but I can kid myself and say yes definitely I would have still been committed. *cough*
I’ve noticed a few things whilst bonding with Tilly again:
Mainly…. that it is not helpful and actually a tad irritating for co workers to exclaim ‘oh you must be mad it’s so cold out there’ on finishing a late shift (10pm) starting an early shift (7am).
Also …that it never takes as long as I think to get places, which means I’m early for everything.
The wind…. is not my friend. If the wind is there, it is always in my face. The wind is never behind me, no matter which way I turn.
It’s never actually that cold… I have mastered the art of layering up, I’ve solved the too cold without a hat too hot with a hat with one of those furry head bands that make me look like a Russian but that keeps my ears toasty and I love it.
Tilly makes people smile…. which is never a bad thing, it’s the pretty flowers around my basket.
Are you getting fit this year?


  1. Trying, 2 mile walk every day and aerobics every day.

  2. Trying - then more problems with my foot, so fitness is on hold again. :( Good luck to you though. x