Monday, 9 February 2015

The Shard London

The Shard
We had been thinking of going to The Shard in London for a while, and the perfect excuse was for Mr D’s birthday weekend. I booked  Bloombury Park Hotel which I found was doing a good offer for winter.
The Viewing Gallery at The Shard is on floors 68 69 and 72, you get there in a high speed lift which leaves your stomach at the bottom and is all lit up and twinkly inside.
It’s not cheap, 30.00 per person for the view. We could have got tickets for 25.00 if I had booked in advance but February in London hasn’t got the best reputation weather wise, so I decided the extra 10.00 was worth paying rather than be out of pocket for the whole amount had the weather turned and we didn’t go up at all.
Our slot was 12.00, we bought the last tickets half an hour before, and we we very lucky weather wise as it did turn just as we came down. It was a pretty grey morning over London, but the views were still spectacular, we could make out all the land marks.
The glass was a bit annoying for reflecting when taking photos, but you can probably make out the London Eye on the left of me here.
On the top viewing floor you can see the sky. You are actually in the jagged pointy bit you see from the pictures of the outside.
To get to the viewing areas you go in a separate entrance at the bottom of the building, but there are lots of restaurants (where you can get a view too)  a hotel, offices and residences (hmm how much would an apartment be…).
I am definitely up for going again in the summer, maybe taking in a night time view at the cafes and bars.
Have you been?


  1. Haven't been yet Claire, but plan to this year and take in the views over breakfast! Thanks for showing us the views, I can't wait to get back next week. Take care xx

  2. Wow - it looks spectacular. A bit high for me though!

  3. I think it would make me puke!! So high. So bloody high!! And oh my goodness SO expensive too! Ha ha me = stingy and scared of heights, so there :) xx

  4. Wow your pictures are stunning, such amazing views!

  5. That is awfully brave of you, I freak out in tall building but I LOVE flying go figure, lol :)

    Great Shots :)

    I have flown out of Heathrow a few times and flown over London, it is pretty spectacular, although it makes me sad and homesick leaving :(

    (Stopping by from the Authentic Bloggers ;) Cheers, T.