Wednesday, 25 February 2015

This Week (so far)

list making
After a rather fun time at Grandmas this week has been pretty full already. I’ve worked 2 jobs already and will be working another 2 before breakfast tomorrow.
Talking typing of jobs I don’t know that I’ve told you all about my new job. It’s at a local coffee house which some friends have opened up. In their house. Literally. If you know anything about me and go and visit their Facebook page you will know that this a job created just for me. I think they just gave me a job because they couldn’t get me out of there actually.
So I now have 4 jobs in total. Go me.
I’ve just finished The Girl on The Train which Mr bought me for Valentines (he gets me) and ohmigoodness. I’m having a bit of a run on thrillers at the moment.
I’ve arranged for the Sky man to come and upgrade our box on Friday, which means I will be able to record programmes, series link, pause, you know all that stuff the world has been doing forever while I’ve been living in my bubble.
I’m a bit concerned what the Sky man will say about our TV. It was the latest thing when Mr was 18. Some years ago.
I found a teapot in my wardrobe.


  1. A home/coffee shop? I've never heard of anything like that but it sounds awesome :)

  2. That looks a wonderful job just made for you! I enjoyed looking through their face book too. Those cakes look wonderful and how lovely to open up their home and share it with others. Their events look fun too are you going to be taking up Italian? Sarah x

  3. You are so random Claire. I LOVE IT!! :) I have just downloaded Girl on a Train, can't wait to read it, just finished Elizabeth is Missing - have you read it??? xx

  4. What a cool idea to open an in-home coffee shop. Wish I had the kind of home that would lend itself to doing something like that.

    Enjoy your cool job!

  5. This week I was connected to the manager of a strip club by some friends as a potential "friend'. That's about the most interesting thin for me this week. Loving the home coffee shop though. Fab idea!

    xxcheers, Meag from TBL

  6. That's a cool new job. I think I'd like that too. :)
    You're having a packed week so far. Enjoy!