Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Why my candles are fake (Avon)

I have had a long standing love affair with candles. Even though I’m the annoying person that picks the wax off the side of the bottle in a restaurant.
After I got my own house (with Mr D) I was most excited about pretty candles. I would buy them all the time, and I would receive them as gifts a lot. The problem was I wouldn’t always remember hardly ever remembered to blow them out if I left the house. Mr D would be very cross. He thought I wasn't to be trusted but I carried on regardless.
One night there was a near disastrous episode involving a tea light in a metal holder sitting on top of a record player lid. While Mr D went out to fetch the take away the romantic in me thought it would be nice to create a romantic atmosphere which ended up with the smoke alarm going off the second Mr entered the house. There was me thinking I was being a good wife and all the while his record player is on fire in the corner.
Suffice to say that was the end of my relationship with candles. Never were they to pass over the threshold of my home again.
BUT now I have found fake candles. Operated with batteries, and they don’t look as cheap and crappy as I thought they might. They even flicker like a real flame. These ones are from Avon and I bought them as a pack of three. I love them as much as a real one, probably even more so as there is no danger of me setting fire to my home with them. And I can put them anywhere, even on plastic things.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Friday, 27 March 2015

This week…

mr kipling
Did we get to Friday already? And this weekend we lose an hour of sleep, which is fine if you don’t have to get up early Sunday for work (which I do) so I ‘banked’ some sleep last night and didn’t get out of bed until 09.30.
At the beginning of the week Granny had a fall and has had an op, so we are all hoping she gets up and about soon.
Book club happened, and yes I eventually found the book I thought I’d lost, of course it was in my hand bag, which of course was the exact bag I looked in 6 times and didn’t see the book.
We’re still lighting the wood burner in the evenings, spring has not sprung for us yet. I managed to put a line of washing out and it persisted down for the rest of the day. I left it there for 2 days. I did take in my knickers for fear of them blowing off the line into next doors garden.
We got a ‘save the date’. I have my own thoughts on save the dates, but we’ll  type talk about that another time. Still it was nice to be invited (except we haven't been yet, apparently the ‘formal’ invitation is ‘to follow’). See my point? Anyway now I’m thinking of what to wear to an English Country December wedding. If we’re invited.
I’ve been reading up on essential oils, I’m loving the peppermint at the moment, but I might try the spearmint. Because I really like spearmint flavour sweeties.
FYI the French Fancies I took to work and ate 3.
Hope your week was fabulous!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The art of appearing like a Lady of Leisure (When in truth I’m anything but)

lady of leisure2
I seem to be an expert at it, as more than a few times lately people say to me all I seem to do is eat cake and drink tea, frequenting local tea rooms. People see me out and about and assume I’m not doing anything productive. (When you and I know that any blogger is always looking for the next post subject)
So is the joy of social media. Where we choose the snapshot of our lives we want to share.
You might think I’m being deceptive, that I make out to be something I’m most definitely not, but the truth is the things I post are real, I do in fact frequent a lot of tea rooms and consume more than my fair amount of tea and cake. (If you are friends with me on my personal FB page, you will have noticed this.) It just so happens that as I do have several (part time) jobs, I am able to fit it all in. And I get to choose my time off. I don’t have a regular working life, my shifts are irregular, some weeks I work a lot, then I may have a few days off, or some weeks I just work evenings which leaves all day to ‘do nothing’.
I actually had my first negative comment on my blog last week, the commenter pretty much blamed me for the fact that she couldn’t get a part time job that fit around her and her child because ‘people like me’ have more than one. (Job not child)Because yeah, I’m sure if I gave up any or all of my part time jobs she would snap them up in a heart beat. (On a side note, after much thoughts of should I reply/delete I chose to ignore the negative comment even though if she were stood in front of me I would have given her all my thoughts on the subject.)
The bottom line is, that I visit blogs that are visually appealing, make me smile, inspire me and make me happy, and so this is what I like to post, happy thoughts, pretty pictures, and maybe occasionally the odd rant. I hope this make visitors smile.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Book Club.. Where I had 3 slices of cake and remembered the feeling of not doing my homework.


agatha christie

Last night was book club, this months read was Murder on the Orient Express. I’ve had a copy of this on my book shelves for years but have never read this or in fact any Agatha Christie novels, nor have I ever seen any on the TV, so I was looking forward to it. I made the mistake of thinking that I would leave the reading of this till nearer the time of the meeting as it’s a pretty thin book and wouldn't take long to read. Fail.

Agatha Christie apparently rode The Orient and fell in love with it, and fans are said to go on it to check out the detail in the book. I also read that part of the plot was picked up from some headlines at the time.

My plan of reading at the weekend was foiled when I was called in to cover at work, so I lost 8 hours of what would have been reading time. I won’t make that mistake again. I remembered the feeling of not having my homework to hand in.  The most annoying part being I am actually really enjoying the book.

I wasn’t the only one to not finish it though, in fact only 2 members had finished it, and this is bad for spoilers, you can’t really discuss a ‘whodunit’ properly without giving away parts of the plot.

I ate far too much cake. And cookies. And now I can’t find my copy of the book, I must have left it on the table there. Or it could be in the car. I love that copy, it’s really old and with yellowing pages.. Luckily I had another copy (see pic) that I found under my chair (Yep I’m one of those people). When I finish it I will include it in my next recent reads post.

So you could say this book club meeting pretty much sucked. Apart from the fact that we introduced a new member, the cake was delicious the tea bottomless and we all had a very good gossip, and really in;t that all part of what a book club is about?


Monday, 23 March 2015

Saturday, 21 March 2015

This Week…

Peppermint tea
I handed back the reigns of The Coffee House to the owners when they came back from their holiday, I totally enjoyed looking after it for a week and am pleased to report all customers left happy and they still have a business to come home to! Now back to my usual helping out a couple of days a week.
I’ve taken to being more adventurous with the tea flavours I drink. I’ve never really been a fan of flavoured teas, but am being converted, peppermint is good for headaches, digestion, and Lemon and Ginger is great with a tea spoon of honey. Not so keen on the berry flavours, but I’m keeping open minded.
We booked our cottage in The Lakes at the end of the year which is great for something to look forward to once the adventuring in the home on wheels finishes. Its the biggest house (aka most expensive) house we’ve booked yet, in a village we haven't stayed in before but the fact it has a local brewery which hosts Ukulele nights, and a tea room where the cakes are baked in the aga just kind of sold me to it.
Book Club is coming round again at the beginning of next week and I only started the book (Agatha Christie, Murder on The Orient Express) yesterday, but it’s a very thin book so I’m quietly confident I’ll get it finished.
I’m still thinking about joining the ‘posh’ (aka expensive) gym. I’ve even got myself a My Waitrose card so that I could get myself my free coffee from the Waitrose next to the gym. So you could say I was saving money in a  round about clutching at straws kind of way.. You know, if I did decide to join..
And now the weekend, where I will be working, celebrating a friends 50th Birthday, visiting a local National Trust house, and trying to read the book.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Reader (Kindle or Book?)

elizabeth is missing
I’ve dipped my toe ever the fence to the dark side and got a book onto my tablet. I’ve had my tablet for over a year, and have never felt the need to load a book onto it, even after finding the free Kindle Amazon app, I’m a book person. Real pages and bent spines, smelly (in a good ‘book’ way) crumpled pages. It was a spur of the moment ‘I really want to read that book and it’s right there for me to grab when the shops are closed’ kind of evening, one minute I was thinking about it and the next well there it was staring at me from the screen. I feel like a traitor every time I see the screen light up. But actually less of a traitor each time.
I’ve discovered a few things about the Kindle. That the Kindle is back lit, which means I can read places where I find it difficult to read books, in bed when I don’t want the light on, in a car when it’s getting dark, and there are other possibilities, when I hang around with the Mr at a gig, the tablet is slimmer to put in my bag than some books, and there are some books that just aren't available in paperback. (I’ve just finished reading Christmas at The Gingerbread Cafe).
But there are definitely downsides. It’s not a book for a start, and therein lies the real problem. I can’t keep it on a shelf to look pretty, take it down every now and then to look at, to remember, to discuss with friends,I can’t lend it out to other book lovers, and there is just something not right about buying and reading a book without seeing it in the flesh.
I’ve had a few headaches too which I’m totally blaming on reading with the tablet, only last night I read a few chapters in bed and woke up this morning with the worst head ache I’ve had in a long time, I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to read as much as I normally do with a tablet. Even if I wanted too.
So although it may have it’s uses, (I won’t need to take 6 bags of books on holiday with me..) the real life books are always going to have a place in my life. When I think of place like Barter Books in Northumberland which is just the best bookshop ever, it makes me sad to think that these places may not exist some day.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Things you might not know.


A few things you might not know about yours truly.
I have a false tooth. As I let slip in This post .  Many years ago I bit into a bar of choc0late that had been in the fridge (there’s a lesson…)  and cracked 3 of my front teeth, leaving them weakened. My front two teeth are now crowns and the one next to them is on a plate as that crown wouldn't stay in so I just thought it would be easier! (FYI no, I don’t take it out and leave it in a glass overnight)
When I was younger people thought my sister and I were twins. This was in part due to the fact we look alike, but mainly because I insisted on wearing the exact same clothes as her on most occasions. I also wanted to sit with her at school lunch, hang out with her after school, I was that annoying little sister. She hated me for it. (She got over it)
I have 4 jobs. Call me stupid, or just plain greedy, but all my jobs are flexible and such that I can work them around my many adventures. Life for me is about earning enough to enjoy myself. I was never going to be a career girl.
There are many things that bug me, the main ones being.. Bad service.  At least look at me whilst you serve me.Parent/Child parking spaces. Oh I know, I’m a bad person, because I do not think that breeding gives you special privileges, you had a child you didn’t lose a limb. Couples/families that communicate through Facebook statuses  (you know the one. ‘I would just like to say I love my husband/child/next door neighbour to the moon and back I know I don’t tell them often enough but blah blah blah…) Cold callers. (I would like to bludgeon them to death with a hammer for even thinking about disturbing me when I’m reading/blogging/doing nothing. People that say there’s no work available to them, so they just have to claim every benefit going. (Well hello? I got 4 of them!) Negative people.  Don’t come to work and spend the entire shift moaning. Do your job.
I have a teddy Bear. Brunty was the Vulcan Bomber (until he was overturned for an imposter but we don’t talk about that in front of him) mascot and he likes to come on adventures with us, he gets into mischief sometimes, but that’s ok, he’s cute enough to get away with it.


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Sunday Thoughts… (Mothers Day)

Mothers Day
Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers out there. Happy Day to the rest of us

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Blogging Notes (Moleskin)

blogger note book
Like many Bloggers I am a fan of stationary, always have been, ever since I was at school and I couldn’t wait for the time to go and spend my pocket money on new pens, pencils, erasers and pencil cases for the new term. Sometimes I would use the change from my lunch money.Lets face it, blogging just gives me another excuse to ‘need’ stationary. Like my new blogging diary. A Moleskin weekly notebook. I bought this with a voucher I had from Christmas, and I’ll be honest this is the first diary I’ve bought specifically for blogging notes.  In the past I’ve used notepads that are given to me/on my desk from past stationary hauls to write down lists of ideas but this time I thought I’d get like a ‘blogger’ and buy a diary to actually plan posts. You may be impressed to hear that I actually use this, and it is not sitting on my desk with countless others looking ‘pretty’. (You know you do that)
I’ve read many blogs about planning posts, and I do this all the time. In my head. But the reality is I blog when I can/when I have something I want to record or when I have a nice picture I want to post. Sometimes I might post every day for 3 days, then I might only post twice in one week. I mostly don’t remember what it was I thought of that I should post about. So now I have a diary that’s small enough to carry in all my handbags, so It’s with me always, and I can sit and plan and pretend I’m one of ‘those’ bloggers.
We will see if this makes me a more efficient/regular blogger, or if it just makes me feel the part.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Thoughts… (fitness)

Following on from last time we talked about my fitness plans you may be surprised to know Tilly and I have continued to bond even though Lily is all fixed. The hills we need to negotiate together suddenly don’t seem so steep, my heart isn’t jumping out of my chest as much. A friend asked me if I spent a lot out on fuel for Lily is the other day and I told her that yes I do, when you consider that 90% of my fuel consumption was unnecessary. (My day to day journeys to town/work are entirely possible by bike or foot), it’s all about getting my act together and making the time.
It’s March and It has to be said, I’m a lot fitter than I was in January just with these small changes. (And I know I could do better) I’m thinking now I should join some classes, but I’m confused over the choice. I remember the days when It was the Jane Fonda Workout or nothing and now I find myself asking Google the meanings of Body Combat, Kettlercise, and Bokwa.
I’m trying to decide if it would be worth spending money on a gym membership. I’ve never been/never wanted to be a gym bunny, wondering why people would drive to a gym to spend 30 minutes on a treadmill, but after visiting a (rather posh) local gym with a friend as a guest and spending time in the swimming pool/sauna I’m definitely trying to think of a way to justify the monthly expense.

Friday, 6 March 2015

This Week..

winter home
The home on wheels will soon be coming out of its winter home and getting ready for the season. Easter weekend will be spent painting, the colour of which is yet to be confirmed. There are just so many shades of grey to choose from.
I am more than ready to sit in a field full of green metal and drink cider before the wasps get it.
Now that I‘ve become one of the cool kids and  have Sky on Demand, I’ve become addicted to a certain Series based around Country Music. Just makes me want to skip around the house in a gingham shirt and rhinestones.
Since we got a mattress topper on the bed, I never want to get out of it. Even more than usual.
Spring is springing but I can’t stop going out of the house in 15 layers. I hate this in between weather.
I’ve gone over to the dark side and up (down?) loaded a book to my tablet. I know, we’ll talk type about that another day.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Where we ate cake, drank copious amounts of tea, gossiped about work and didn’t actually talk about the book much at all.

Mrs Heming way 2
The third meeting of the Book Club was at my house. It wasn’t supposed to be but the girl who was hosting double booked herself so I stepped up. It was a valid excuse for me to get the cute china out.
The book was chosen from two at the last meeting. The other book you can read my review on in this post here.
Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood.
Paula McLain’s New York Times–bestselling novel piqued readers’ interest about Ernest Hemingway’s romantic life. But Hadley was only one of four women married, in turn, to the legendary writer. Just as T.C. Boyle’s bestseller The Women completed the picture begun by Nancy Horan’s Loving Frank, Naomi Wood’s Mrs. Hemingway tells the story of how it was to love, and be loved by, the most famous and dashing writer of his generation. Hadley, Pauline, Martha and Mary: each Mrs. Hemingway thought their love would last forever; each one was wrong.
Told in four parts and based on real love letters and telegrams, Mrs. Hemingway reveals the explosive love triangles that wrecked each of Hemingway's marriages. Spanning 1920s bohemian Paris through 1960s Cold War America, populated with members of the fabled "Lost Generation," Mrs. Hemingway is a riveting tale of passion, love, and heartbreak.
I was disappointed with this book. When I found it in the shop I was all excited to read something a bit different, I thought the era would be great, and the girl who served me at the till told me she really enjoyed it. I just didn’t. I feel like I should have enjoyed it, like it’s some great story about the women behind this man, but for me it could barely hold my interest. I’m not sure that if I hadn’t been reading it for book club I would have even got to the end. It took me forever to read it.
I didn’t like Hemingway, he’s weak, and quite frankly a pain in the butt. These were the only 2 things I learnt about him. I don’t get women who go for men like that.
I’ve never read anything by Hemingway, and after reading this I doubt that will change, literary genius or not.
Of the 4 members who came to the meeting I was the only one who actually read the book. I know. How can you have a book club and not have attempted to read the book? Fail. Not that I think it should be like school days, I want it to e pretty relaxed and informal, but honestly? I’ll be looking for more commitment next time!
On the plus side, the company was good, if not small, as 3 members couldn't make the meeting for various reasons, the cake was good and the tea endless, the next book chosen. (Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie) the date set and we all departed.