Thursday, 12 March 2015

Blogging Notes (Moleskin)

blogger note book
Like many Bloggers I am a fan of stationary, always have been, ever since I was at school and I couldn’t wait for the time to go and spend my pocket money on new pens, pencils, erasers and pencil cases for the new term. Sometimes I would use the change from my lunch money.Lets face it, blogging just gives me another excuse to ‘need’ stationary. Like my new blogging diary. A Moleskin weekly notebook. I bought this with a voucher I had from Christmas, and I’ll be honest this is the first diary I’ve bought specifically for blogging notes.  In the past I’ve used notepads that are given to me/on my desk from past stationary hauls to write down lists of ideas but this time I thought I’d get like a ‘blogger’ and buy a diary to actually plan posts. You may be impressed to hear that I actually use this, and it is not sitting on my desk with countless others looking ‘pretty’. (You know you do that)
I’ve read many blogs about planning posts, and I do this all the time. In my head. But the reality is I blog when I can/when I have something I want to record or when I have a nice picture I want to post. Sometimes I might post every day for 3 days, then I might only post twice in one week. I mostly don’t remember what it was I thought of that I should post about. So now I have a diary that’s small enough to carry in all my handbags, so It’s with me always, and I can sit and plan and pretend I’m one of ‘those’ bloggers.
We will see if this makes me a more efficient/regular blogger, or if it just makes me feel the part.

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  1. I wish I were that organised - maybe I "need" a new notebook too! :)