Thursday, 19 March 2015

Reader (Kindle or Book?)

elizabeth is missing
I’ve dipped my toe ever the fence to the dark side and got a book onto my tablet. I’ve had my tablet for over a year, and have never felt the need to load a book onto it, even after finding the free Kindle Amazon app, I’m a book person. Real pages and bent spines, smelly (in a good ‘book’ way) crumpled pages. It was a spur of the moment ‘I really want to read that book and it’s right there for me to grab when the shops are closed’ kind of evening, one minute I was thinking about it and the next well there it was staring at me from the screen. I feel like a traitor every time I see the screen light up. But actually less of a traitor each time.
I’ve discovered a few things about the Kindle. That the Kindle is back lit, which means I can read places where I find it difficult to read books, in bed when I don’t want the light on, in a car when it’s getting dark, and there are other possibilities, when I hang around with the Mr at a gig, the tablet is slimmer to put in my bag than some books, and there are some books that just aren't available in paperback. (I’ve just finished reading Christmas at The Gingerbread Cafe).
But there are definitely downsides. It’s not a book for a start, and therein lies the real problem. I can’t keep it on a shelf to look pretty, take it down every now and then to look at, to remember, to discuss with friends,I can’t lend it out to other book lovers, and there is just something not right about buying and reading a book without seeing it in the flesh.
I’ve had a few headaches too which I’m totally blaming on reading with the tablet, only last night I read a few chapters in bed and woke up this morning with the worst head ache I’ve had in a long time, I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to read as much as I normally do with a tablet. Even if I wanted too.
So although it may have it’s uses, (I won’t need to take 6 bags of books on holiday with me..) the real life books are always going to have a place in my life. When I think of place like Barter Books in Northumberland which is just the best bookshop ever, it makes me sad to think that these places may not exist some day.


  1. I love my Kindle, but I read tons of books too. You can loan a Kindle book to a friend, I loan books to my daughter who has a Kindle.

  2. For me the best bit of reading from a Kindle is the number of books I can take on holiday with me. I like the fact that the app syncs to my phone too, so I always have a book with me. But, it's still good to pick up and hold a proper book. I hate the idea of children learning to read on tablets and never knowing the joy of choosing a book from the library. x

  3. I totally understand your feelings! I love seeing my books in my shelf, being able to touch them and so on. But I also learned to love having lots of books on my iPad because it is perfect for traveling, to read on a train, plane etc. Ebooks won't replace my real books but it is nice to have the option.

  4. I love books and reading as much as you and I couldn't stop reading from a physical book or not visiting the library. Having said that I have found my kindle very useful it takes less space, I can read it if I wake up during the night without waking the other half and it has allowed me to re-read some old favourites. It is good to have both options. Sarah x

  5. I'm in the same boat. I like building my book collection and also having that book tangible in my hands instead of on a tablet device but I've come around to the idea. I started carrying mine around late last year. And it sure saves on weight if you carry a lot of things around with you.

    I will still gravitate towards a book over an e-book any day.

    I must read more or make a point to read more. I haven't read much at all lately and I've had 2 or 3 books on the go since September! Yikes!


  6. Because I read so much everyone tells me to get a Kindle and I just cant. A couple of years ago almost all the bookstores closed down in Brisbane and it was so sad. I have to still support the bookstores that we still have, because walking into a bookstore just makes me so happy!!!!