Sunday, 8 March 2015

Sunday Thoughts… (fitness)

Following on from last time we talked about my fitness plans you may be surprised to know Tilly and I have continued to bond even though Lily is all fixed. The hills we need to negotiate together suddenly don’t seem so steep, my heart isn’t jumping out of my chest as much. A friend asked me if I spent a lot out on fuel for Lily is the other day and I told her that yes I do, when you consider that 90% of my fuel consumption was unnecessary. (My day to day journeys to town/work are entirely possible by bike or foot), it’s all about getting my act together and making the time.
It’s March and It has to be said, I’m a lot fitter than I was in January just with these small changes. (And I know I could do better) I’m thinking now I should join some classes, but I’m confused over the choice. I remember the days when It was the Jane Fonda Workout or nothing and now I find myself asking Google the meanings of Body Combat, Kettlercise, and Bokwa.
I’m trying to decide if it would be worth spending money on a gym membership. I’ve never been/never wanted to be a gym bunny, wondering why people would drive to a gym to spend 30 minutes on a treadmill, but after visiting a (rather posh) local gym with a friend as a guest and spending time in the swimming pool/sauna I’m definitely trying to think of a way to justify the monthly expense.


  1. I remember a few years ago I had gotten into this running/walking routine at the beginning of summer. Every day, except for rain days because I'm not THAT dedicated, I would go for a three mile walk all by myself. I did the same loop. By the end of the summer I looked a lot better (though I didn't lose a ton of weight, it definitely looked like I had), and I felt amazing. Then I got lazy and here we are, 8 months pregnant. But I'm very hopeful that this summer I can get out with the baby and my other two kids every day for a big walk and really get myself back in shape.

  2. I so agree with that statement. Fitness is one thing I hope to embrace more this year.

    X x

  3. Walking is one of the exercises! I used to power walk on lunches with a work mate when I was working at the law firm and we'd walk maybe 8 kms in about 65 minutes.

    Sometimes all it takes is small changes and tweaking.
    I'm pretty gym savvy but what in the hell is Bokwa?!?