Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The art of appearing like a Lady of Leisure (When in truth I’m anything but)

lady of leisure2
I seem to be an expert at it, as more than a few times lately people say to me all I seem to do is eat cake and drink tea, frequenting local tea rooms. People see me out and about and assume I’m not doing anything productive. (When you and I know that any blogger is always looking for the next post subject)
So is the joy of social media. Where we choose the snapshot of our lives we want to share.
You might think I’m being deceptive, that I make out to be something I’m most definitely not, but the truth is the things I post are real, I do in fact frequent a lot of tea rooms and consume more than my fair amount of tea and cake. (If you are friends with me on my personal FB page, you will have noticed this.) It just so happens that as I do have several (part time) jobs, I am able to fit it all in. And I get to choose my time off. I don’t have a regular working life, my shifts are irregular, some weeks I work a lot, then I may have a few days off, or some weeks I just work evenings which leaves all day to ‘do nothing’.
I actually had my first negative comment on my blog last week, the commenter pretty much blamed me for the fact that she couldn’t get a part time job that fit around her and her child because ‘people like me’ have more than one. (Job not child)Because yeah, I’m sure if I gave up any or all of my part time jobs she would snap them up in a heart beat. (On a side note, after much thoughts of should I reply/delete I chose to ignore the negative comment even though if she were stood in front of me I would have given her all my thoughts on the subject.)
The bottom line is, that I visit blogs that are visually appealing, make me smile, inspire me and make me happy, and so this is what I like to post, happy thoughts, pretty pictures, and maybe occasionally the odd rant. I hope this make visitors smile.


  1. Umm did she once ever put any thought into WHY she might not be able to get the jobs she's applying for, that she may not be qualified or have the skill-set?
    Bottom line, people are rude and ignorant and I've come to the understand that the human race for the most part sucks. There are lovely gems out there but sad to say, few and far in between.

    And so bloody what if you enjoy your cake and teas? If you have nothing nice to say, then don't bother. That's my take.


  2. So true. Isn't it easy to blame others for our own problems. Please have some cake for me, I need to lose weight and can't eat any right now.

  3. I hear you! Sorry you got that nasty comment. What she said does not even make any sense. I know how hard it is to find a job that can support a family. My husband had to go back to school after two years of unemployment (other than some part time jobs and temp work). So I understand, but the last thing I would do is blame someone else! That woman sounds completely ignorant. Also, I get frustrated when people wonder how in the world I have time to blog, do crafts, or throw parties. Wellllll, you want to hear a rant? I don't go to the gym, I don't sit on my can and watch hours of orange is the new black or tv show of choice. I don't get manicures, or go have coffee with friends. There is nothing wrong with those things, but I just hate when people do all of that stuff and then act like they are so busy. So you have time to do what you choose to do. If that is tea and cake, then AWESOME. I am also a fan of writing about mostly happy things. There is enough controversial divisive stuff out there without me contributing.

  4. That is the dumbest comment I've ever heard. You can have as many jobs as you want. WTF. People are stupid.

  5. It is hurtful and annoying to receive negative comments. Having followed you for many years I know how hard working you are and your job isn't always a piece of cake (excuse the pun.) Hope your Grab makes a good recovery. Sarah x