Monday, 16 March 2015

Things you might not know.


A few things you might not know about yours truly.
I have a false tooth. As I let slip in This post .  Many years ago I bit into a bar of choc0late that had been in the fridge (there’s a lesson…)  and cracked 3 of my front teeth, leaving them weakened. My front two teeth are now crowns and the one next to them is on a plate as that crown wouldn't stay in so I just thought it would be easier! (FYI no, I don’t take it out and leave it in a glass overnight)
When I was younger people thought my sister and I were twins. This was in part due to the fact we look alike, but mainly because I insisted on wearing the exact same clothes as her on most occasions. I also wanted to sit with her at school lunch, hang out with her after school, I was that annoying little sister. She hated me for it. (She got over it)
I have 4 jobs. Call me stupid, or just plain greedy, but all my jobs are flexible and such that I can work them around my many adventures. Life for me is about earning enough to enjoy myself. I was never going to be a career girl.
There are many things that bug me, the main ones being.. Bad service.  At least look at me whilst you serve me.Parent/Child parking spaces. Oh I know, I’m a bad person, because I do not think that breeding gives you special privileges, you had a child you didn’t lose a limb. Couples/families that communicate through Facebook statuses  (you know the one. ‘I would just like to say I love my husband/child/next door neighbour to the moon and back I know I don’t tell them often enough but blah blah blah…) Cold callers. (I would like to bludgeon them to death with a hammer for even thinking about disturbing me when I’m reading/blogging/doing nothing. People that say there’s no work available to them, so they just have to claim every benefit going. (Well hello? I got 4 of them!) Negative people.  Don’t come to work and spend the entire shift moaning. Do your job.
I have a teddy Bear. Brunty was the Vulcan Bomber (until he was overturned for an imposter but we don’t talk about that in front of him) mascot and he likes to come on adventures with us, he gets into mischief sometimes, but that’s ok, he’s cute enough to get away with it.



  1. I didn't know any of these (apart from the jobs) things about you Claire, but now I do :)
    I remember a photo of you and your Sis when you were little that used to be on your blog (your other blog?) and I couldn't get over how similar you were...and cute!
    My Mum used to dress me and my little sister in matching outfits - we are so different as adults it's not funny!

  2. Glad it's not just me then! I totally agree about the Parent/Child parking, it makes me seethe, no wonder so many of the aforementioned are overweight. Why do they need to park in spitting distance of the store?.... they all have pushchairs anyway. Cold callers...don't get me started! I don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the number and as for lazy lard-arse dole bludgers, shoot the lot of them. Only joking....sounding a bit like Jeremy Clarkson there....someone else I can't stand.

  3. I can't stand bad service. To smile and acknowledge a customer costs nothing!
    Um - Parent / Child spaces - it might mean that your car doesn't get knocked though as parents do have to open their car doors wider to reach in for car seats, so the wider parking space helps. I get more annoyed by the BMW driving man who parks in them! :) x

  4. Haha, love this post, Claire and agree about the parent child parking even though we have a child! lol

  5. Yeah, the only thing about parent/child spaces is that it is a total bitch to get a car seat in and out. I once had to have my 18 month old climb over the back seat and come out through the truck because some asshole parked SUPER close. I was so pissed. If I didn't think I'd dent my door I would have really dinged his door.

    And the "no jobs" thing- AGREE. Oh man. I feel like, if you aren't hungry enough to take a minimum wage job cleaning toilets or flipping burgers, you aren't hungry enough. Something is better than nothing, people.

  6. My sister and I were always mistaken as twins too! Oh sometimes we still are today.
    And we have a family teddy bear!

    How lovely to get to know you more. We have things in common. :)

  7. We had a server last week that was SO interested in what was happening in the bar area that I felt like she was totally distracted with us. It takes a lot to annoy me, since I serve too and I get it, but some on!

  8. Couldn't agree more re Parent & Child spaces. Disabled people need to park near the store, if you're not disabled there is no reason you cannot walk a hundred yards or two.

  9. The parent/child parking.....I Hated the lazy people with no kids that parked in them and I had to walk thru a violently wintry car park with loaded trolley and screaming child!! short person/loaded trolley/icy weather - dangerous. (but then you probably hate short people too)
    The no jobs.......there are very few part time jobs around because some people have more than one part time job (equalling full time work), thereby leaving no part time jobs for those that need them!! ie, me, with a child with health problems that I can fit around hosp appts.
    PS I have never left a negative comment in my life - but this I just had to comment on
    PPS Totally agree with cold callers and facebook statuses (statii?)