Saturday, 21 March 2015

This Week…

Peppermint tea
I handed back the reigns of The Coffee House to the owners when they came back from their holiday, I totally enjoyed looking after it for a week and am pleased to report all customers left happy and they still have a business to come home to! Now back to my usual helping out a couple of days a week.
I’ve taken to being more adventurous with the tea flavours I drink. I’ve never really been a fan of flavoured teas, but am being converted, peppermint is good for headaches, digestion, and Lemon and Ginger is great with a tea spoon of honey. Not so keen on the berry flavours, but I’m keeping open minded.
We booked our cottage in The Lakes at the end of the year which is great for something to look forward to once the adventuring in the home on wheels finishes. Its the biggest house (aka most expensive) house we’ve booked yet, in a village we haven't stayed in before but the fact it has a local brewery which hosts Ukulele nights, and a tea room where the cakes are baked in the aga just kind of sold me to it.
Book Club is coming round again at the beginning of next week and I only started the book (Agatha Christie, Murder on The Orient Express) yesterday, but it’s a very thin book so I’m quietly confident I’ll get it finished.
I’m still thinking about joining the ‘posh’ (aka expensive) gym. I’ve even got myself a My Waitrose card so that I could get myself my free coffee from the Waitrose next to the gym. So you could say I was saving money in a  round about clutching at straws kind of way.. You know, if I did decide to join..
And now the weekend, where I will be working, celebrating a friends 50th Birthday, visiting a local National Trust house, and trying to read the book.


  1. I am loving lemon, ginger and ginseng at the moment, it doesn't give that nasty aftertaste that some teas do. However have you tried any tea pigs yet? The chocolate and mint is to die for!! Your holiday booking sounds divine! I wish my family would agree on a holiday, me and my daughter like places to visit and cooler weather, whereas my son and hubby like sitting on a beach in a heatwave! We can never agree :-) I hope your weekend has gone well xx

  2. I purchased this elderflower tea that I have yet to try... I'll get to it soon enough!

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