Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Why my candles are fake (Avon)

I have had a long standing love affair with candles. Even though I’m the annoying person that picks the wax off the side of the bottle in a restaurant.
After I got my own house (with Mr D) I was most excited about pretty candles. I would buy them all the time, and I would receive them as gifts a lot. The problem was I wouldn’t always remember hardly ever remembered to blow them out if I left the house. Mr D would be very cross. He thought I wasn't to be trusted but I carried on regardless.
One night there was a near disastrous episode involving a tea light in a metal holder sitting on top of a record player lid. While Mr D went out to fetch the take away the romantic in me thought it would be nice to create a romantic atmosphere which ended up with the smoke alarm going off the second Mr entered the house. There was me thinking I was being a good wife and all the while his record player is on fire in the corner.
Suffice to say that was the end of my relationship with candles. Never were they to pass over the threshold of my home again.
BUT now I have found fake candles. Operated with batteries, and they don’t look as cheap and crappy as I thought they might. They even flicker like a real flame. These ones are from Avon and I bought them as a pack of three. I love them as much as a real one, probably even more so as there is no danger of me setting fire to my home with them. And I can put them anywhere, even on plastic things.


  1. I love candles, but I never light them because we have a cat and I worry that she'll mess with them. Maybe I should get a couple of fake ones too.

  2. I have fake ones that change colour! Real ones can't do that :)

  3. Oh dear that sounds so like me too! Those fake ones sound a good alternative. Sarah x