Wednesday, 29 April 2015

30 Thoughts of a Gym Novice

It’s been a month now since I joined the gym. And I’ve been getting my penny's worth. I’ve tried several studio classes, which I’ve enjoyed, some more than others. I thought I’d tell you a few thoughts that ran through my head when I set foot in the studio for the first few times. (Who am I kidding, I still think most of them).
1. Which spot should I take up.
2. She’s way too close. Get outta my space. Maybe I took her favourite spot. Oh god, maybe there's a whole studio hierarchy I’ve upset.
3. Why is she looking at me. What are you staring at? Maybe if I smile. Oh there you go. She seems nice.
4. What equipment do I need for this class? Oh I’ll just follow her.
5. Well I’m going for the small weights.
6. No one else has the small weights.
7. Everyone has to start somewhere. Be confident. They were all here once.
8. Shoes on or off?
9. I like her top. Everyone is really colourful. Is there a studio class fashion shop I don’t know about? Am I the only one in a T shirt? 
10. Warm up. Ok, I can do this, this is easy.
11. You want me to do what? Lower? My arse won’t go any lower!
12. My legs hurt.
13. Pick up the weight? Ok. Oh. Glad I got the lightest one.
14. She looks really fit. I wonder how long she’s been coming.
15. I think I’m going to die.
16. Thank goodness.
17. Lie down. Yes I can do that. I like that music.
18. Crunches. Oh god.
19. Why am I going up when everyone else is going down.
20. 8 more? Shit. I think I’m definitely going to die.
21. How long have we been here? Oh.
22. Her arms are really nice and toned. I wonder how many times a week she comes.
23. So now I’m sweating. I wonder what I look like from behind. I should have gone for the spot at the back.
24. Water.
25. Yey, stretches. I like stretches.
26. Agh! Something just cracked.
27. I wonder if that’s good or bad.
28. She’s really flexible. I wonder if I could…nope.
29. Over already? But I just got started!
30. Wow! That was great! I feel great! I wonder when I can come again?


  1. I love it, I have been through everyone of those thoughts and emotions.

  2. I think we've all shared your thoughts too at some point or another.

    What chaps my ass is the regulars that get right bent outta of shape when you take "their spot". Last time I checked their name wasn't etched in gold on the floor. :)
    Proud of you girl keep it up!!!

  3. This is the reason I'm too scared to go to classes -- I'll just be worried about what other people are thinking and how my presence is affecting them haha. I think it's funny that we claim "spots" in rooms that we regularly visit. When you say it like that, it sounds pretty strange :)