Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Getting creative with Adult Colouring

adult colouring2My sister introduced me to the new craze in Adult colouring books last week, and I have been sucked in. I bought the Secret Garden book of postcards which can be kept, or mailed to lucky people so you never now you may find one of these on your door mat soon.
I’ve been struggling to do anything much crafty lately, but this has got me feeling a bit creative. I may need my glasses though because the pictures are intricate and I don’t want to be going outside the lines!
adult colouring
So far my little book has been kept by my bed. With my new bumper pack of colouring pencils. (Which by the way are still in the container they came in because omg have you seen the price of pencil cases these days? and they are so teeny!) Mr D laughed and asked if I bought the pencils especially. Well of course I did. New pencils are a must.
adult colouring4
I’m wondering how I missed this new craze in the stationary department, and I’m also wondering if any of you are colouring late at night like me?


  1. I bought a colouring book recently too and yes new pencils are a must! I found some good pencil cases in The Range, if you've got one near you.

  2. I'm totally down with this colouring book lark, I have to fight Betsy to let me colour in one, just one, picture in her colouring books. Sometimes she lets me get one nearly finished before she comes running in out of nowhere with a big crayon and whilst smiling sweetly destroys it!!!!! Hmmm

  3. I was going to do a post on adult coloring! It's stop cool that this is a trend now, I've always loved to color. My mom would love this book, I always remember her getting lost in coloring with me when I was a little girl. And we love the Secret Garden story as well .

  4. My gosh I can't remember the last time I colored!

  5. SNAP!!!! I am doing exactly the same thing. I will have to show you what I have been working on.

  6. I have just found out about this, I think I might try it.