Friday, 10 April 2015

Getting Ready

We decided to give the inside of the home on Wheels a make over. Goodbye chipped burgundy and dark blue, hello lovey blues and greens. Mr D has sanded and painted and varnished while I’ve been, well, not much help if we’re being honest. Just as soon as we have everything looking pretty I will take more pictures.
Today is our first adventure to try it out. Just as soon as I’ve bought some food, chose which books to take and packed enough jumpers (where is Spring?) We have been enveloped inside a big fog the last couple of days which is kind of spooky.
So this weekend we will be camping with friends, drooling over 1950’s cars, listening to Rockabilly, maybe having a little boogie if I’m feeling game, and reading. Hope your weekend will be just as fun!
(one of the most important parts of the home on wheels, the wine rack)


  1. Have a great time and I hope the sun shines for you. X

  2. I thought the whole country has been enjoying the sunshine and very warm weather over the last week - it's been quite summery here - sorry you've been under the fog. Hope you have a great weekend - with some sunshine!

  3. Looks lovely hun! Enjoy your little excursion!!


  4. Hope you had a good weekend on the first outing! I love those new colours. Sarah x