Saturday, 25 April 2015

This Week…



I’ve been getting sucked into the world of Essential Oils as taught by my sister who is becoming quite the teacher. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of all things holistic, but as I’m getting older and more open to finding natural answers. I’ve also started to like the herbal teas, although I’m still not loving the fruity ones, I do enjoy an invigorating peppermint to lift me or to help get rid of headaches. I’m hoping to get a diffuser soon so that I can feel the benefits of the oils a bit more.

This weeks Studio classes have been an experience, I’ve tried Dance Fit and Body Balance as well as continuing Body Pump. More about those in another post.

I’m finding This Blogger really cool to follow, her pictures of London are beautiful. Also This Lady makes me want to get my arse to the gym more.

I found two more special editions of Mollie Makes, one for social media and one of creative spaces. They are more expensive than the regular magazine (which aren’t cheap in themselves) But they are thicker and jam packed full of loveliness. Oh and I had a money off voucher so that took the sting out of the tail a bit. These are really great and I’ve only managed to dip in and out of them, I can’t wait to sit down for an afternoon and read them properly.

This weekend you’ll find me at work. There will be tea. And cake. Because work doesn't have to be miserable and cake-less.


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  1. I love essentials oils as well. Peppermint is a favorite as is lavender & sweet orange. :]

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