Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A stroll around Ickworth House gardens. The National Trust.

Unbelievable this was almost a month ago. I have so many blog posts to catch up on. But you know, there’s that thing called real life that interrupts the bloggers schedule.
A lovely sunny bank holiday Monday and we decided to make use of our National Trust membership and take a stroll around the estate of Ickworth House. You can see my post about the inside of Ickworth in this post here.
We only saw a corner of the grounds, being so big but that’s ok as we will now have to go back.
Ickworth is beautiful. Of course I loved the Earl’s summer house which looks out over a lake, and a perfect place to take a picnic. Which after the experience of waiting in a queue for 30 minutes in the cafe…(lovely staff but oh my goodness how can there be 2 people behind the counter and 8….yes 8 people clearing tables… something wasn’t quite working there and I so wanted to get in there and figure out what it was!) would be a definite plan for next time.
The walled garden is home to some allotments looked after by local school children.
I wanted to knock on the doors of some cute cottages in the grounds, I was so desperate to see who lived in them.
The cottages were quite rightly private though, and I couldn’t see a soul. No matter how much I craned my neck to get a peak.
I actually felt (slightly) guilty taking those pictures. But not guilty enough to stop. Could have had a career as a pap.
We never go past a church without going in, this is the oldest building on the Ickworth Estate and is looked after by the Ickworth Church Conservation Trust.
The church is quite small and doesn't hold services anymore, it is closed to new internmants apart from those reserved for several named individuals from Ickworth Park, Horringer and Bury St Edmunds, as well as members of the Hervey family.
It is such a lovely place, and so much to see, I’m looking forward to going back in the ‘proper’ summer with a picnic.


  1. So beautiful Claire, what a great place to explore.

  2. Oh my goodness, I would love to get married or live there. How beautiful would a wedding be in that chapel?

  3. That looks like a beautiful place to visit and it is only enhanced by those lovely pictures. It looks as if you were the only ones there, everyone else must have been in that cafe! It is so much harder blogging in the spring and summer when there I'd so much outside to enjoy. Hope the sun shines on your visitors this weekend. Sarah x