Friday, 8 May 2015

Breakfast & Lunch In a jar!

kilner jar
I think i’ve seen this done before, but I’ve recently found a new-to-me blogger and v-logger in the shape of This lovely lady to stalk follow. I watched This Video and was totally sold on the idea of putting my food in jars to take with me. Off I skipped and bought myself two jars (3.00 each from The Factory Shop).
A lot of mornings at the moment I start work at 7am, so these jars filled with scrummy breakfast ingredients are just the thing. I filled mine with strawberries, melon, apple yoghurt and granola. I’m not always great at eating breakfast, I sometimes go all morning then decide I need chocolate, but I am trying to change and these have really helped me get ready for the day.
kilner jar2
The lunch one was another roaring success, because again, if I’m out and about I am very bad at finding things to eat that aren’t crap. This is a great way of getting me to eat more veg as it looks so yummy! (Yes I’m like a child). In my lunch jar I put the olive oil in the bottom, carrot, beetroot, tomatoes, tuna and rocket.
I did see another video of Carly's where she put noodles in the jar for you to add hot water too, which is another great idea, I may give that a go some time.
So have you ever put for food in a jar for the day?


  1. No I haven't but anything that could get me to like salad would be worth a try!

  2. Bad timing to read your post, I'm STARVING! Lol Those look delish and so easy to make.

  3. This looks a fantastic idea. I too get to mid morning and then start craving chocolate because I have missed breakfast in the rush to get the kids ready for the day and me to work. I will look into these and give them a go!