Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Green Tea

green tea1
In my quest to be healthy I keep bumping into people (in the virtual world) telling me to drink green tea. Green tea is apparently an anti oxidant and helps boost metabolism.
Only one flaw in that plan was that I can’t face the taste of green tea. It even looks gross. It’s not even green, it looks more like dirty dish water.
Then I began to notice the new ranges of green tea available. It seems I’m not the only one to dislike the taste of green tea, as now brands like Twinning's are bringing out green tea disguised as something else. Like when your mum used to hide the peas in a stew.
So this morning I tried the Green tea with Honey and Lemon. I like Honey and Lemon.
green tea
I could have really been a light weight and had a tea cup but I decided to at least try and made a small mug. I also made a yummy bowl of fruit yoghurt and granola to give me something to take the taste away.
Verdict? It was, ok. I drank it. The lemon and honey definitely made it drinkable, and although I can’t ever hear me calling out for ‘a cup of green tea please’ at random times of the day, I’m going to make an effort and have a cup in the mornings as part of my new healthy routine.
Do you drink green tea?


  1. I LOVE green tea!

    I know you must have heard thousands of recommendations already, but I will give you one more anyway. :) Try green tea with vanilla flavor! That's my ultimate favorite!

    Besides, your post made me wonder: do English people only like black tea?
    I'm sorry if the answer is obvious, I have really no clue. :)

  2. Haha! Green tea makes me queasy--unless I drink it with a meal. I'm not a huge fan of tea, either--except peppermint tea during the winter. But, I also know it's good for me, so maybe I'll try the one you mention :).

  3. I personally like the taste of green tea but can see how it might have the appearance of runny dishwater. Also, thanks for that great visual--I might never see tea the same way again :p

    Sometimes it really is about masking/hiding the flavor though. I love to have fresh drops of lemon or honey in my tea, so I'll certainly have to look out for this!

  4. Maybe I should try again - but I really dislike green tea and fruit teas too. They smell so full of promise, and disappoint every time! Good luck with the new regime though - it's supposed to be very good for you. x

  5. I will drink it but it's not something I drink on the regular.

  6. I've just bought a box of plain green tea! I tried it years ago and hated it so am not feeling especially keen to open the new box!

  7. Never tried it, but my beautician gave me a few fruit teabags to try. (they are into all things natural) I spat out the first mouthful in disgust and haven't tried the others. Think I'll be sticking to PG Tips.

  8. I've found that I like green tea more than black tea these days. Especially those with lemon, but there's also one called Green Tea Orient that is lovely, I don't know what's in it, but I really like it.