Monday, 4 May 2015

This (last) Week


beautiful day

Is it next week already? Last week was full. Of work, Gym class’s (in which I nearly fainted at legs bum’s and tums and in which I also did the adult thing and went to a class on my own. Without my gym buddy. Yey me.

I’ve been making my breakfast and lunch in a jar. I’ll post about that soon.

I’m learning BSL. I can now finger spell my name. I can actually finger spell the alphabet, it just might take me a while.

Friday evening was book club. I belong to the worst book club on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to get together for a chat, tea and cake,but why do you have to disguise that as a book club? Read the damn book already.

This weekend is a Bank Holiday for us. I visited The London Coffee Festival on Saturday. It was pretty cool, and I was able to watch the latte art championships (who knew) But I was gagging for a cup of tea. We’ve seen a lot of live music, from various friends gigging in pubs, stayed out at friends overnight, had a dance in a pub where there really was no room to dance. (It’s all about creating your own space) We’ve seen a few hundred vintage cars arrive to line up along the prom for their yearly rally. Today we are thinking of going to visit Ickworth House to walk around the gardens, as it is indeed a beautiful day here. That’s if i can get myself away from the computer.

I haven't been blogging much last week, but I have many posts in my head, we’ll see if they can break out this week.


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  1. Hey love,

    I knowwww! Is it Friday yet!! Lol

    Just curious but are you learning BSL because you know someone that's deaf or are you just trying to learn something new??