Friday, 22 May 2015

This Week..

Another Friday, another weekend, another bank holiday looming before us.
I carried this magazine around with me all week and I still have only glanced through it, and haven't had chance to read an article yet. Also I’ve hardly read any books this last month which makes me sad especially as this small technicality hasn’t stopped me from buying them.
I have however been to 6 studio classes this week and one more booked for tomorrow. Today’s CX workout broke me. But my plank is getting stronger! I’ll post another Gym Diaries episode and tell you more about that.
There was a horrific accident on a local road this week and a young girl lost her life. My heart breaks for her family and friends. Make every day count.
I’ve tweaked my about me page as I have some new followers in social media so go and have a peak, and don’t be shy, say hello!
I feel like I’m backed up with blog posts, but every time I start to fret about it and think I need to get caught up and post more frequently I stop myself and remember that this is my blog and it should be an enjoyment not a chore.
We have friends staying over this weekend and I need to get the guest room ready AKA our home on wheels.

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  1. OMG six classes in a week! When do you have time to go to work? What on earth is CX ? Do tell. Have a great weekend with your friends.