Friday, 19 June 2015

Is it ok to join a second book club (in the hope they will actually read the book)

You may remember I joined a new book club with a small group of friends. I'd been thinking about it for a while and when a colleague said she would love to be in one I suggested we start one of our own. Several more colleagues jumped up and down with excitement and so it began. We've read (or not as the case may be) several books now and the last meeting made me want to smack several of them over the head with the damn book they never read. Don't get me wrong, I know this isn't school time. This is supposed to be fun, an enjoyable get together for people who share a love of reading, to eat cake, drink tea, gossip and talk about a book we all read. Except they don't. Read the book that is. Well two of us read it this time. Two out of 6. 
I also get that maybe everyone won't read the book. We all have lives, we're all working and have lots of other stuff going on. We're all friends who have known each other a while, so it's not that we don't have anything to chat about when we do get together. It's just that....well I think we could get together for a chat another time. This is book club. You know, the book club they all were excited about starting. 
I think it was when a member (no names mentioned) actually said could we NOT TALK ABOUT THE BOOK because she hadn't finished it. That was when I actually lost the will to live.
Am I being unreasonable here? Is that a normal thing to say at book club?
So we gossiped, ate cake, didn't talk about the book (which fyi was The Miniaturist and I hated it) and chose the next one. We now have two new book club members to the club, hopefully people that actually read, so things can only get better.
Well I now confess I joined another club. The coffee house I work in has started one and I thought I'd give it a go. I'll let you all know how that goes.
Are you in a book club? Ever thought of starting one?

In other news it's been brought to my attention that I shouldn't make my text centered. Really? Is that in a rule book I never read? Apparently it makes the readers eyes work too hard and they get bored and angry (really?) and click off. I don;t know how I feel about that. 


  1. What bollocks....I centre my text and lots of other blog writers do too. Ignore that advice.
    Good luck with Book Club no.2. I love reading but working full time I wouldn't have time to do the required reading for a book club. x

  2. It's your blog, center it or not, you decide. As to the book club, you definitely need one that's actually book orientated. Have you considered an online one?

  3. Haha, I don't think it's hard on the eye to read centred text... what a load of rubbish! I agree with you about the book club too... no point calling it a book club if they just want to eat cake and gossip!

  4. It's bollocks! Do what you want with YOUR blog. If people are going to leave simply because shit is centered, perhaps they never gave a shit about you in the first place, especially if they can't look past font. Lol

  5. I like centred text! :)
    I've never been brave enough to join a book club but had assumed that reading the book was an essential part of the group!
    Enjoy your weekend. X

  6. Hm. I've often thought about joining a book group, but I've still got so many unread books I've been meaning to read I thought I probably wouldn't get around to reading a load of books I didn't want to! It sounds like some of your friends just wanted an excuse to get together, which is fine except when other people actually wanted a book group! It sounds like it would be worth giving another book group a try, with people you don't already know so well. Hope it works out better :)