Monday, 22 June 2015


Our friends had an Anniversary party this weekend and we went out in the home on wheels to stay over and watch a band in a barn. It’s great to have friends with places to camp out, also when they have no neighbours…
I’ve had a serious reading drought this year, but I just finished the book for my new book club and I really enjoyed it. I’ll tell you all about it after the meeting. Just in case anyone actually reads this that lives locally. (Ha!)
I’m becoming quite the gym clothing obsessive. I’m loving Fabletics clothing. The fabric is so comfy and the styles pretty cool too! I have way too many things on my wish list, but still no neon..
Mr is getting busy making metal objects with his new forge. Well mostly fire pokers. Everyone gets a fire poker for present's at the moment. Whether you have a fire or not. Luckily we have 4 fires including the one outside in the garden, so he has lots to practise on. I’m thinking curtain poles, door handles, ornate hooks…..
We’ve been watching the new series The Syndicate which is great. I recently joined a syndicate at work, having never been a big lottery ticket buyer, I was asked if I wanted to join. And then I couldn’t actually say no. Because what if I said no and they won!?
I’ve trying out lots of different yoga based classes at my gym. Who the hell knew your body could do that!?
We got a cat deterrent for the garden. Don’t get me wrong I like cats. But I do not like them digging up my pots and crapping in them. So it’s a water spray activated by movement. The cat gets squirted and my plants get a water so it’s a win win.
Yesterday I decided to go and have a lie down for the afternoon and had a phone call from work. I completely forgot I was supposed to be on shift. Oooooops.


  1. I am impressed how well you have got on at the gym club, The objects your husband is making sound good. How about a weather vane or is that too complicated? Sarah x

  2. I've yet to try Fabletics... I haven't delved deep into their terms and conditions to know enough about them and what they offer and their plans... Any tips or insight to share?

    Have you tried hot yoga yet? You may not like it at first; it can take some getting used to ...

  3. I have been doing not so hot with working out lately.... gotta get back in the groove.