Monday, 1 June 2015

Longing for Summer

I just cannot wait for summer to arrive. This is June and there have been days lately that I have to fight the urge to not light the wood burner. I don’t know what jacket to wear, I want to wear tights some days but think I might look like ‘the tight lady’. I just want summer to arrive so I know that I can wear a dress without tights and not be frozen or for it to blow up around my neck.
I want to get my bike out properly without having to check the weather forecast at the very last minute to see if I will get down poured on.
Of course summer means more adventures in the Home on Wheels, of which there is one coming up that I am more than a little excited about, a new adventure for us, to a new place with friends and music, and maybe time to sit and read that book club book that I’m behind on.
Winter is great, cosy nights in with a roaring fire and a crochet blanket, Spring is pretty with the colours in the gardens and the bluebells, but Summer, I’m now ready, so anytime you feel like it please grace me with your presence.


  1. Couldn't have put it better myself! Just checked everything is secure outside in anticipation of the wind due tonight! Summer it isn't. :( x

  2. I know the feeling, I always feel strange about summer , other seasons you know what you are getting but summer is hit or missx

  3. We had quite a chilly winter, so chilly that many people I overheard say that it was back to the fall weather temperatures. It was I think a low of 4 degree Celsius this weekend and MISERABLE. Here's hoping that June is a better one. :)

  4. You and me both - today its really horrid and I have to go out in a while :(

  5. Ugh, 92 degrees here today and it'll get over 100 soon - I'd swap with you like a shot!