Thursday, 25 June 2015

My teenage writer self

I would guess that a large percentage of bloggers would love to be full time writers. I have always enjoyed writing. When I was in high school my best friend and I would write continuous stories, kind of like a series. These stories would be based in high school and or loosely based on ourselves, or who we would like to be anyway. They would be like an English version of 90210 before anyone had ever heard of it.
We would write a few pages, swap and read each others, then wrote some more. And so it would continue. These stories never seemed to have endings, we just carried on writing them and swapping, then maybe get bored and start a new one.
I wish I had kept these, but like all my journals I threw them away. Sad face.
I was obsessed with these stories, I couldn’t wait to read what my friend had written in hers and I would be lying if I told you there wasn’t a wee bit of competition between the two of us to come up with the best one.
We stopped after high school finished, or at least I did. Maybe I should ask her. Who knows she could be sitting on the new teen series. Just call me Mrs Aaron Spelling.
Obviously these stories would be written in nice note pads. I think Menzies was the store back then, or Woolworths probably. If there had been a Paperchase I dread to think how much pocket money I would have spent in there. (As an adult I do feel like it’s against my religion to walk past a Paperchase shop and not enter).
Were you a teenage writer?


  1. Omg, YES! This brings back wonderful memories--I used to do a write/swap with my bestie and had an underground magazine (with a readership of three, LOL) back in the day.

    Thanks so much for sharing--was nice to relive that time again :)

  2. I think I'm a lot older than you and I didn't but two girls in my class when I was in Year 8 at senior school used to write stories about Alias Smith and Jones - the western series with Pete Duel and Ben Murphy! I've just gone back 40 years - ha ha xx