Thursday, 11 June 2015

Old photos

I love photos. I take a lot. Not just since I've been blogging, I've always enjoyed taking pictures. Nowadays I'm usually the designated 'taking pictures to document the evidence' person at parties, gatherings, because people know that I usually have my camera. 
I have been asked before if I ever really look at them again once I've put them on the computer. When I told that person that yes I look at my photos most days, I was met with an amazed stare. Which I found strange, isn't that why we take photos? To look at them again and remember?
I love looking at one photo and remembering lots of stories about that time in my life.
The photo above is taken in Cornwall in the year 2000. 
I think I was 28yrs old.
It was our first wedding anniversary and we had decided to rent a cottage. It was the year of the 'big fuel strike' in UK which meant that fuel stations were rationing how much fuel you could get to fill up on. 
In our little cottage we were oblivious to this chaos that was happening until we ventured out and noticed all the queues and realized people were 'panic buying' We decided to hell with it, if we were stuck in our cottage with no fuel to get home then ho hum. But the nice woman at the local filling station actually let us fill up my big tank (everyone was on a 10.00 restriction at that station and there was a huge queue  )but we had to wait until the queue went down so there wasn't a riot ha!
Our dog was called Baxter and we had him as a pup. He came everywhere with us, and loved going on adventures in the home on wheels. He also loved the water, sticks, yoghurt pots, and plastic bottles.
My heart broke when he died at 9 yrs old. 
Those boots I'm wearing were my first ever pair of proper walking boots and I have never ever found a pair that equals them for comfort.
Do you look at old photos often?


  1. I just love to look at old photos, I very often look at them.

  2. I do, love to look at my old photos.

  3. Yes I do. This was a neat memory you shared. It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

  4. I'm always looking at my photos. I love it and can get caught up spending far too much time doing so! :) x

  5. This tugs at my heart strings... One of my boys is named Baxter <3

  6. I look at my snaps often. I know just how you must have felt about losing Baxter, what a lovely picture of you both. x

  7. I take loads of photos too. It's lovely when one of them brings back so many memories. That's a nice one

  8. What a dog. I don't look back at photos that much.

  9. I started taking photos in late 2005 when my parents told me they had bought a new house and would be selling my childhood home in the near future... I was devastated and so I started taking photos then - of all the rooms, the garden and outside areas, the views from the windows and lots of the surrounding land! I'm glad I reacted like that as I have all those memories and details with me forever now. That just set me on to a path of recording everything - now I don't go anywhere with my camera and take photos every day and like you I do look at them often! I never print any out but I look at old photos almost daily... I read my old blog posts sometimes, look in my photo archives to see what I was doing one year ago, two years ago... I remember something I once saw and use my photo archives to see where / when it was... I guess we have the same sort of attitude to this subject!