Monday, 8 June 2015

THe weekend I cut my festival teeth (The Red Rooster Music Festival)

This weekend I did something I've never done before. For all the music events I've been to over time (and there has been a lot) Never have I stayed at a real live music festival. Wild camping I can do. Camping in January in feet of snow? No problem. Festival life has never appealed though. I have a porta loo phobia, I would rather go for a wee in the woods. I don't want to hear the person snoring in the tent next to me. I don't want to have to walk a mile to the stage and then not be able to see the act.
Enter The Red Rooster Music Festival at Euston Estate. Just literally up the road. 
This is only the second year the festival has run. Advertised as a good-time weekend of Rhythm and Blues in the heart of Suffolk County. 
The fact that the camper van passes were available for 'Campers, Airstreams or indeed any vehicle you can sleep in' was a winner, we quickly booked in the home on wheels before anyone changed their minds.
As music festivals go this was a good one for festival novices like myself to go to. 
Once you are in the gate thats it, there is no separate gate to go through for the music stages which means no one is checking your bag for contraband and anything goes as regards to taking picnics and beverages to sit and watch the music with. 
Although no camp fires were allowed, there were several organized bonfires and fire pits dotted around for anyone to start and sit around, and this they did, way into the early hours playing their instruments and singing like a scout camp.

Everyone from the staff to the fellow festival goers were friendly. We had a steady stream of people come and talk to us and look over our home on wheels, (feeling pretty smug at this point esp as we had decided to take the chemical toilet which normally stays at home). Bliss.
The sun shone. The music was loud and decent and there were hammocks for those who didn't make it back to the tents.  

The food was more than your average burger and chips, I discovered Harry Bromptons alcoholic Iced Tea (extra shot of Gin? Yes please!) And I was the one that didn't get burnt in the sun. Now ask me why I'm wearing a cardigan on the hottest day) 
Cannot wait for next year.


  1. Are they biceps I can see Missy? Your arms are looking wonderful!
    (like your yellow trousers too!)

  2. You look great, beautiful pictures!

  3. It sounds great and the photos are lovely! I went to the Leeds Festival in 2001 when I was 18 and I'll never forget those porta loos! The girl I'd gone with and I decided we'd rather not eat than go near those and a used a pan each for a toilet for the weekend, haha!

  4. It's not the portaloos that put me off but the two mile hike to reach them and then the queue. This festival doesn't look too huge though and sounds lovely. Just learned that my gym has been bought and will be closed for weeks a refurb, never going to get to those classes!

  5. Ah so this is the festival you were mentioning. ;)

    Love your home away from home!

  6. That looks like SO much fun, I need to come live with you!