Saturday, 25 July 2015




I left Mr D on an old Racecourse in Kent this week surrounded by green metal and canvas and took the adventurous train rides home alone to attend a funeral. I realised what good friends I have when one of them met me at the station with a bunch of flowers and a pint of milk. I thought about taking the return journey back again but then it rained. And hasn’t stopped. Whilst the mud and rain is a bit of fun and all, my bed is cosy, and, well I stayed put.

As I’m supposed to be in a field in Kent I haven't any work booked in for a few days, which means i can write a list of the many things which haven't gotten done around the house in months. Maybe I’ll even tick some things off the list. I can meet the Niece and go to tea and cake before she heads off on her adventures again next week, and I can watch 7 back to back episodes of Nashville. (I may have already done that).

I have booked my gym classes for the week, I’ve missed them and can’t wait to get back to it, although I confess I did try some yoga at camp (while everyone else had gone out for the day, I’m no yogi)

I need to catch up on my bloggy  friends lives, and write some mail which I am really behind with. And it’s nearly lunch time already…


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Saturday, 18 July 2015


I haven't read nearly enough books this year, If I counted them on my fingers I wouldn’t run out, which makes me quite sad and jittery for some reason, like I’m some kind of addict. Which is possibly true.
I’ve been busy with work, my new found love of the gym, and life in general, and the book club book which was chosen is still in my bag, with the bookmarker no where near the middle, 5 weeks later. Just typing that has made me go all shaky.
This week there will be time to sit and read whilst parked in a field full of military vehicles, my little pile of books was the first thing I packed.
Now I need to pack some food. I suppose that’s quite important too.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Friday, 10 July 2015


sweaty betty
It came to my attention recently that I have a list of obsessions
Gym wear. Ok so I’m no fashionista of the gym. I don’t strut about in layers of neon with my stomach on show, in fact I used to wonder why people didn’t just wear an old T-shirt and jogging pants for a work out. Then I joined a gym, and now I’m realising. Gym wear is a must have.  The first time in my life I have ever owned a sports bra and omigoodness I could wear one every day. So comfy. Stretching into all manor of positions at Yoga I’ve come to appreciate a well fitting comfortable pair of leggings. And that little secret pocket I only discovered after wearing a pair for about 10 classes… I’m no expert, and I’m only just discovering the whole gym wear world but the clothes I’ve bought from both Sweaty Betty and Fabletics are making me a very happy and comfortable girl at class.
I’m still slightly obsessed with berries. You can read a post about my love for them right here. I still eat them for breakfast and I’ll take a little pot of them if I’m on a shift at work as a snack.
I’m trying to get though Once Upon a Time on Netflix. That’s one for me when Mr is tinkering in the garage, whilst The Blacklist is one for the both of us to watch together.
Reading. Well not reading, but my lack of it. There are only so many hours in the day and so far this year I have not made a big enough dent in my TBR pile. I’m very sad.
Summer. The sun has been shining here and I cannot wait to get away on adventures. This will help with the reading problem of course as there will be lots of time to sit around the camp fire and read. (Although I’m wondering if I should take my yoga mat)
Water. Weird obsession maybe, but it’s new to me this water drinking. I’m amazed at how much better I feel since I started making an effort with the water intake.
Have you got anything you’re obsessed with?

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Great British Summer

war and peace 7
It’s happened, where we are all moaning about how hot it is, that big yellow thing in the sky shows it’s face for more than a couple of days and there’s talk of the poor gardens needing a water, it’s too hot to work, to sit out, when will we get a decent days rain. And you know when the rain falls for more than five minutes that sun will have been forgotten and we will be wondering if we will ever get a decent summer.
We are just never satisfied, the weather is never predictable, and we are never grateful.
The picture above was taken last summer and as you can see I’m a prepared girl. Summer dresses, wellie’s and umbrella. That’s the wardrobe of my summer holiday.
I haven't had much time lately, to visit you all, to write, or even to wash my kitchen floor which I can see from the corner of my eye but I'm trying to ignore it.
This weekend is a sister road trip to Grandma’s. Tea, cake and gossip. Just the 4 and a half hour drive to get through.
Have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!