Saturday, 25 July 2015




I left Mr D on an old Racecourse in Kent this week surrounded by green metal and canvas and took the adventurous train rides home alone to attend a funeral. I realised what good friends I have when one of them met me at the station with a bunch of flowers and a pint of milk. I thought about taking the return journey back again but then it rained. And hasn’t stopped. Whilst the mud and rain is a bit of fun and all, my bed is cosy, and, well I stayed put.

As I’m supposed to be in a field in Kent I haven't any work booked in for a few days, which means i can write a list of the many things which haven't gotten done around the house in months. Maybe I’ll even tick some things off the list. I can meet the Niece and go to tea and cake before she heads off on her adventures again next week, and I can watch 7 back to back episodes of Nashville. (I may have already done that).

I have booked my gym classes for the week, I’ve missed them and can’t wait to get back to it, although I confess I did try some yoga at camp (while everyone else had gone out for the day, I’m no yogi)

I need to catch up on my bloggy  friends lives, and write some mail which I am really behind with. And it’s nearly lunch time already…



  1. I have the same book and love nashville.x

  2. Sorry to hear about you having to return home to attend a funeral. Hope you have had a relaxing weekend. Sarah x