Friday, 10 July 2015


sweaty betty
It came to my attention recently that I have a list of obsessions
Gym wear. Ok so I’m no fashionista of the gym. I don’t strut about in layers of neon with my stomach on show, in fact I used to wonder why people didn’t just wear an old T-shirt and jogging pants for a work out. Then I joined a gym, and now I’m realising. Gym wear is a must have.  The first time in my life I have ever owned a sports bra and omigoodness I could wear one every day. So comfy. Stretching into all manor of positions at Yoga I’ve come to appreciate a well fitting comfortable pair of leggings. And that little secret pocket I only discovered after wearing a pair for about 10 classes… I’m no expert, and I’m only just discovering the whole gym wear world but the clothes I’ve bought from both Sweaty Betty and Fabletics are making me a very happy and comfortable girl at class.
I’m still slightly obsessed with berries. You can read a post about my love for them right here. I still eat them for breakfast and I’ll take a little pot of them if I’m on a shift at work as a snack.
I’m trying to get though Once Upon a Time on Netflix. That’s one for me when Mr is tinkering in the garage, whilst The Blacklist is one for the both of us to watch together.
Reading. Well not reading, but my lack of it. There are only so many hours in the day and so far this year I have not made a big enough dent in my TBR pile. I’m very sad.
Summer. The sun has been shining here and I cannot wait to get away on adventures. This will help with the reading problem of course as there will be lots of time to sit around the camp fire and read. (Although I’m wondering if I should take my yoga mat)
Water. Weird obsession maybe, but it’s new to me this water drinking. I’m amazed at how much better I feel since I started making an effort with the water intake.
Have you got anything you’re obsessed with?


  1. I like the post, something different!, I love gym wear too, and yes a sports bra is so brill. I am obessed with Swimwear, it's a ongoing many bikini's have to packed for this holiday! last year 13, I just love them. Have a nice weekend!x

  2. You are quite right about the gym wear. And it has to be able to within sweating your ass off AND not see through, like some you see....

    I'm obsessed with underwear maybe? Hahahah

    I'm not obsessed with much I don't think... I should ask Jeff. Lol

    Have a great weekend love!

  3. Sports Bra's are a godsend and I don't even have big boobs. I am obsessing about my new car, 2 weeks till I get it YAY!!!!

  4. I don't think I'll ever be obsessed with going to the gym but I have been three times this week...and I'm on the waiting list for Tuesday's Body Conditioning class! I've got the leggings and the bras but just wear any old baggy t-shirt...usually from a jumble sale. Have a good weekend. x

  5. My obsession has to be the crossing off the days to autumn :-) I am a real grump in the summer, so the obsession is keeping away from bugs and keeping cool. It drives people mad!! Have a great weekend xx