Saturday, 18 July 2015


I haven't read nearly enough books this year, If I counted them on my fingers I wouldn’t run out, which makes me quite sad and jittery for some reason, like I’m some kind of addict. Which is possibly true.
I’ve been busy with work, my new found love of the gym, and life in general, and the book club book which was chosen is still in my bag, with the bookmarker no where near the middle, 5 weeks later. Just typing that has made me go all shaky.
This week there will be time to sit and read whilst parked in a field full of military vehicles, my little pile of books was the first thing I packed.
Now I need to pack some food. I suppose that’s quite important too.


  1. I was thinking the same this morning (not that you haven't read enough books - but me). I'm off on holiday on Monday and hope to put it right. Plenty loaded on my kindle. Have a great time away and happy reading. x

  2. I read three books on holiday and currently halfway through another. Holidays are great for reading when you don' t get distracted by household duties.
    Went to Body Conditioning and ached for 3 days...Body Pump next. Enjoy your time away.x