Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ukulele Club

You remember back in January I told you about my Ukulele Club? Well you may be surprised to know I do still attend. On the first Wednesday evening of the month, I will be found trying to get my too large fingers onto the right strings.
I will admit it has not been without it’s challenges, firstly, it’s damn hard to get your fingers onto the right strings in the right position to make it sound like it should. Then when you get that one chord down, there another one has to be achieved straight after. Not even any time to celebrate.
 I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes, sitting in a small room elbow to elbow (or ukulele to ukulele) with 15 other novices can challenge the most patient of people. (But I confess  that I’m not the most patient of people) There are times when it is not okay to be strumming and twiddling. Especially when some are trying to listen to the person hosting the club so we know what’s expected, where to come in etc. Because if you spend that time fiddling, then you will want it all explained to you again. And again.
I confess that sometimes the thought has crossed my mind that I should take a ukulele and make contact with someone’s head with it.
But then the coffee and cake break happens and it’s all good.
Last night was the ‘Summer Bash’ this time hosted at a members home, complete with tropical punch in the garden and strawberry cake. Yum.
I’ve decided that before next club night I will do some homework and see if I cant get to grips with one of the harder chords.
Wish me luck!


  1. Hahaha 'the thought has crossed my mind that I should take a ukulele and make contact with someone's head with it' cracked me up. But a cake break makes things better. :) I love that you're in a ukulele club, that's so cool!

  2. How fun! Except for those behaving badly, of course :) And I agree that punch and cake make everything better ALL OF THE TIME.

    My oldest plays the ukulele. We lived in Hawaii for three years, so it stuck. Good luck with your lessons! It's such a lovely instrument.


  3. Sounds like so much fun... Even with the stupid people. I'm so glad you're sticking with it.

  4. Oh that's so cool! I should learn an instrument, congrats!

  5. Can you play any songs on there yet? I know you're just a novice, but my friend showed me how to play twinkle twinkle little star or mary had a little lamb on her violin one time without the bow and it was really easy (for me to forget how to play it haha). I love cake breaks too, I'd sign up just for the cake break.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. That sounds fun - I'd try that! I've learned beginners guitar over and over again :)

  7. Well done for keeping going it sounds hard! At least the cake, tea and food and company is a bonus! Sarah x