Tuesday, 22 September 2015


I've never been one for going on a cruise ship, but this last week I feel like I'm on one that won't let me off, last week I got out of bed and nearly fell overboard, apparently I've got what is known as Labyrinthitis
  and it isn't fun. I don't recommend it.
After spending 4 days horizontal I can at least now get up but my movements are slowed down by the fact I can't turn my head or walk very quickly for fear of rocking the boat.
I'm taking some anti dizzy/nausea tablets that do seem to work a little bit at last, and I'm hoping and praying I feel a lot better next week as we are supposed to be walking the hills in The Lakes next week.
I guess if the worst happens I will just have to sit in a tea room all week very still eating cake with a straight head.
It's at times like these you take notice of the people whom you surround yourself on a daily basis. Sisters who cycle to your house in between jobs to make soup and ask if  'you need to go to the toilet while I'm here' and husbands that cook clean and generally fuss, and friends that check in on you bringing sensible gifts like ginger snap biscuits. These are the times I realise how lucky I am.
At the worst I couldn't even read, but now I can, which of course is a huge success for this reader, and now I can visit my other friends, my virtual ones who I've missed catching up with.


  1. Oh Claire I had Labyrinthitis in February last year. It is not pleasant. Yes, reading was 'off the books' for a while.
    You're very lucky to have people around to help you, I was all alone. Washing up was really difficult - but at least I had a good excuse to leave it!
    Hope you're soon feeling better (although I did still have the odd dizzy spell for a while afterwards.)

  2. Oh my dear! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

  3. Oh my goodness. That sounds horrible! I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm glad you have family around to take care of you.

  4. That sounds horrible but at least you are being well cared for! Hope you are fully recovered in time for the lake district :)

  5. Oh my this sounds awful. Glad you have such good help. Get better soon!

  6. Sipping tea and eating cake all week long sounds fabulous but not ideal for the waistline.

    Jeez! I hope you feel better soon hun! xo

  7. Ugh that's awesome Claire, I hope you feel better really soon!

  8. This doesn't sound good at all :(. I hope your condition improves!!

  9. Get better girlfriend! I've never been on a cruise ship before, but seriously this doesn't make me want to go on one.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  10. I'm sorry you have to go through this! Happy to know you have people helping you out! I'm sure all your Followers understand your absence and will patiently await for you to feel better! In my prayers! :-D

  11. Sorry to hear you have been suffering and hope you are now on the mend. It must have been horrible. Sarah x