Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I’m not even sure how long it’s been but I know it’s been a while. Sometimes time just goes past and before I know it I’ve missed out on so much in the on line world. I seem to have a lot of plates in the air, and last night I pretty much let one slip when I got a phone call at 6.05pm telling me that I should be on a shift. It was quite inconvenient having to get out of my comfy pj’s and leaving my nice cosy fire. Now winter is officially here it’s a full time job keeping the wood burner going (although it seems we are a bit too good at that job, after I came home last night to a room which was 30 degrees).  There was also nearly an ‘incident’ involving my head and a landslide of wood in the wood shed just now, but hey, give me that over turning the heating on any day.
Christmas is coming and I have started with the shopping. Mostly on line so far, there are just so many good offers on at the moment. I’ve started to notice my friends getting stressy about it and I just want to tell them to calm down, It’s just a few days out of a whole year, in the great scheme of life it’s really not to get stressed about. I’m feeling fairly smug that I’ve even sent some Christmas airmail nice and early. Ho hum. You can hate me if you like.
I always get a bit fidgety this time of year about clearing out things (need space for all the goodies Santa will bring?) I like the house to be fairly clean before the decorations go up and so I did clear out my wardrobe at the weekend. Goodness It was hard. But I was ruthless and if I hadn’t worn it all year it went into the black sack.
In other news we now have a modern flat screen TV. The TV which Mr bought at the tender age of 18 (26 years ago!) has been turned off and we now have a new fangled wall mounted one. Mr is still having issues letting go, as the old Akai is still sat in the lounge awaiting it’s fate. What’s the betting this new one won’t run for 26 years. (they don’t make them like they used to….)
No longer will we be ‘that couple with the really small old TV and a……wait for it…. video recorder!’
I have still been finding the time to be a gym bunny though. It’s 8 months now and I cannot believe the difference it’s made to my fitness and general wellbeing. (Also I’m long overdue for a gym diary post so that will be soon)
The photo above is just one I found on my instagram. I’ve only just started the book but I’m really wanting to get it read before the film comes to town as that does look like a fab movie to go and see.
Tonight I will be catching up on Blog land, see you soon!


  1. I've gotten half of my Christmas shopping done, and I feel pretty damn good about that. This weekend though, I have to get my crap together and start making my Christmas cards because of course the ones I decided to make are very time consuming! *sigh*

  2. Oooooh, thanks for the reading rec--I'll def check that out (I'm in the library on a very frequent basis this time of year!)

    Also I think it's amazing you've already gotten a head start on your holiday shopping. I do all of it online, too, and try not to stress. Truth be told, this is really my favorite time of year and I don't want to add any more anxiety than I already deal with year round :)

    Hope all is well with you!! XOXO

  3. Someone I work with still has a video recorder, but he does also have a DVD player too.
    I posted an airmail parcel over a week ago and only have presents for 3 people left to get. I just don't understand people who leave it late and then get really stessed about it all, its not like we don't know it is coming.

  4. Girl, logs of wood and your head? BE CAREFUL woman!! Good grief!!

    I'm a bit jealous of anyone that's further ahead of me in terms of holiday shopping. I have my list but have I started it? Oh hell no. LOL. Man, I've got to get on it.

    Proud of the strides you've made this year and I look forward to hearing more about them and your recovery, too. :) xo

  5. Hi Claire, thank-you for my beautiful, beautiful Chrissy card! I loved it (and I can't wait to start opening those little windows) Term ends in 2 1/2 weeks - no time to hit the shops to buy (or make...I'm not sure) cards until then, so yours might (prob will!) be late.
    During school hols (6+ weeks) I've decided to get myself a personal trainer as I cannot and will not never, ever go to the gym, but I do want to get fit. You are my inspiration Missy :)

    p.s. forgive scrappy, long comment. Will put pen to paper during those holiday's I keep mentioning.

  6. That TV has done you well, I'm sure as you are that the new one won't last that long. Glad you are feeling a bit better, You have the right idea sitting by that warm fire and doing the Christmas shopping! Sarah x

  7. Looks like you have a lot of great things happening recently! Kudos to you for working and working out and working on blogging! :-D