Tuesday, 22 December 2015


The days are always quite full, but this time of year they are even fuller, with not another a wafer thin moment of tea drinking/cake eating/book reading and it appears blogging to be squeezed in.

In between working there has been many nights of fun, the picture above was one of many I took at the boys sell out gig last week.

Reading has been a bit on the back burner too, my January magazine subscriptions (which were delivered at the end of November) are sitting in a pile unread, and I’m trying to get through only ever yours (pretty good read) as I had a splurge of books recently and have a TBR pile as high as the moon.

Christmas is coming, I have just now wrapped the last of my presents and most of the food is bought, but you can make a safe bet I will be ‘popping into’ the shop on my way home from nightshift Christmas Eve morning to get a few extra bits and pieces.

I Did go to my first Winter wedding this weekend. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. Pinterest worthy hand made decorations at every turn, and would you get a load of this cake made to look like a silver birch tree by the mother of the bride (who does not even make cakes for a living but totally should..

Excuse small photos blogger and I are having relationship issues....


Monday, 7 December 2015

I'm in a music video!

If you read my blog you will know that on a Wednesday I am to be found helping out serving coffee and cake at my friends coffee house which is a coffee shop set up in, well, their house. 
The Coffee House is the venue once a month for the Ukulele group, run by the owners and a friend who teaches guitar/ukulele. Much fun is had, we don't take it too seriously, (although I may need to take it a bit more seriously if I want to be able to play a tune without my notes in front of me!)
So Dan (coffee shop owner) and Mark (guitar teacher) wrote a little ditty about the coffee house, and we all dressed up in sparkles and feathers and shot this video with the help of a wonderful local photographer whose link I will try and find and insert later.
Can you spot yours truly!? Would love to know what you think of it! 

Thursday, 3 December 2015


December, I know that in reality it’s been 11 months but it really seems like just a few weeks. It really doesn't feel like December apart from the Christmas trees I’ve seen whilst being nosy in peoples front windows, and that ‘itchy’ feeling I have that maybe I should go to my shed at the bottom of the garden and find my own sparkly baubles.
 The weather is deceptive, one minute I think it’s cold enough to start the wood burner up and then the next I’m kicking the velvet winter throw off the bed. 
Usually December brings me together with friends and family. This year I know is going to be no different, having already made the road trip to Grannie’s house, the rest of the month sees highlighted (don’t tell me I’m the only blogger with a colour coded highlight system)  meetings in my filo fax of old and new friends, book group and ukulele group meetings, work outings and general get togethers. 
Why we wait till December to cram it all in is one of the great mystery’s of life. There are 12 months in a year and yet we get to December and realise we haven’t seen each other for forever and so cram it all in and then get a shock that the diary is so full and we haven’t got all the shopping done.
I’m planning on having all my Christmas shopping done next week as a trip out with Mum dad and Sis is planned, I’m also planning on not getting sucked into ‘just one more little present because it was on sale’ I may even make a list. And may even stick to it.
Hope your December is going swimmingly