Monday, 7 December 2015

I'm in a music video!

If you read my blog you will know that on a Wednesday I am to be found helping out serving coffee and cake at my friends coffee house which is a coffee shop set up in, well, their house. 
The Coffee House is the venue once a month for the Ukulele group, run by the owners and a friend who teaches guitar/ukulele. Much fun is had, we don't take it too seriously, (although I may need to take it a bit more seriously if I want to be able to play a tune without my notes in front of me!)
So Dan (coffee shop owner) and Mark (guitar teacher) wrote a little ditty about the coffee house, and we all dressed up in sparkles and feathers and shot this video with the help of a wonderful local photographer whose link I will try and find and insert later.
Can you spot yours truly!? Would love to know what you think of it! 


  1. Ok - this is really cool! I really enjoyed watching the video of you all play!
    Karen |

  2. That looks such fun and it feels so much that it is from a different era! Of course I spotted you immediately were you trying to confuse by sharing the seat with some one else! Sarah x

  3. What fun....yes I saw you! Love the costumes and that woman at the front has great legs.