Tuesday, 22 December 2015


The days are always quite full, but this time of year they are even fuller, with not another a wafer thin moment of tea drinking/cake eating/book reading and it appears blogging to be squeezed in.

In between working there has been many nights of fun, the picture above was one of many I took at the boys sell out gig last week.

Reading has been a bit on the back burner too, my January magazine subscriptions (which were delivered at the end of November) are sitting in a pile unread, and I’m trying to get through only ever yours (pretty good read) as I had a splurge of books recently and have a TBR pile as high as the moon.

Christmas is coming, I have just now wrapped the last of my presents and most of the food is bought, but you can make a safe bet I will be ‘popping into’ the shop on my way home from nightshift Christmas Eve morning to get a few extra bits and pieces.

I Did go to my first Winter wedding this weekend. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it. Pinterest worthy hand made decorations at every turn, and would you get a load of this cake made to look like a silver birch tree by the mother of the bride (who does not even make cakes for a living but totally should..

Excuse small photos blogger and I are having relationship issues....



  1. I saw the pics of the wedding - beautiful! I hope you are doing well! Wishing you happy holidays!

  2. Congratulations to the boys on their sell out gig!

    My nephew married three years ago today and I can agree with you that weddings at this time of year can be so magical.

    Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and that you aren't working too much over the break. Sarah x

  3. What a lovely wedding.
    I love winter weddings -- they're so picture perfect.

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. That cake is very impressive! Hopefully the weather for that wedding was as nice as it is in Michigan right now even though its the end of the year... Tomorrow will be 60 degrees and that does not happen around christmas here! :-D

  5. Beautiful cake - I can't believe she doesn't make cakes professionally.
    Merry Christmas Claire and best wishes to you and yours! xoxo

  6. If that cake tastes anywhere near as good as it looks, I would hire her! Great photo of the band.