Friday, 30 January 2015

Another Birthday for my Mr D

Another year flies by and I am wishing my Mr D a very happy birthday. We woke up this morning at a friends house (which I like to call my second home in the country) and will be getting ready to go adventuring to The Big City of London where we may be trapped as I was un aware of the lack of train service over the weekends when I organised it. I suppose there are worse places we could be trapped.
Looking pretty good for 44yrs old would you not agree? It must be all that good living. And beer. Apparently.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Typing Out Loud

I found that typewriter under my desk yesterday and I’m sad I haven’t written a letter on it yet, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed the last couple of weeks with life being so busy, not just with work but life in general. That’s not a complaint, just an observation. This weekend is Mr D’s Birthday and we are celebrating with some friends which will be welcome fun time. 
I seem to have been bombarded with parents acting like I owe them something this week, on visiting a local coffee shop I was pretty much barged out of the way when a large group of customers came in. Complete with kids and bikes. Yes bikes. Inside. Whilst my bike was locked up just outside they thought they couldn’t leave little Jimmies out there, even though the place has large glass doors so you would be able to keep a beady eye on the precious things. Then they toppled over and nearly fell on me, the bikes not the children, eventually after several chaotic minutes of bikes kids parents and me losing my place in the queue they did put the bikes outside. Not the kids. Shame. After getting to the front of the queue and then realising there was no free tables still they didn’t get outta my way. Just wait a nanosecond with your noisy disruptive family and I can guarantee the place will empty.
Then there came the moving all the tables to suit them, which consisted of moving about 3 tables into the middle of the room which meant the Mr and I were separated. I felt like using the tables or kids as stepping stones. We sat for about ten minutes of screaming and chaos before we legged it outta there, complete with headache. And I breathed a sigh of relief that I no longer work there.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sunday Thoughts…


cool aunt

Yep. That’s me.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

This Week…

the makeshifts
It’s been a full one, starting with this rather hot and sweaty gig for the boy's. Apologies for the photo, I was squeezed with my back against the wall, balanced on top of Mr D’s Sound Engineers box of tricks on top of a chair. No I didn’t fall. Should have joined the circus.
Mr managed to fracture his shoulder on Sunday. Trials riding+brambles+using shoulder to break fall down a hill. Painful. We were amazed to find out looking at the x rays that this has happened before. Broken shoulder that is, un be known to him. Amazing. Tough.
I’ve been reading Mrs Hemmingway and trying desperately to get into it. I want to enjoy it, but it’s not happening yet.
We’ve been planning adventures. Tickets are booked for The Red Rooster Festival, which we’ve never been to before, but have heard good things so are quite excited.
I’ve been asked to help out in a friends local Coffee House, it’s like my dream place to be, everything I love about a tea room/coffee house. It would be rude to say no would it not?
I just discovered Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I feel like I may be the only one in the universe that hasn’t known about this show? I’m 7 episodes in.
I bought a diary especially for blogging and I’m not sure if this is a good thing/if I’ll actually use it but I had a voucher and I’ve never had a Moleskine before. I’ll show it to you soon.
Hope your weeks been wonderful.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Authentic Bloggers

authentic bloggers
I’ve had a bit of a run of joining groups lately, with my Book Club, then the recently posted Ukulele Club. And now there’s one you can all join with me.
Authentic Bloggers is a closed Facebook group set up for bloggers by the lovely Krysten.
I’ve never been part of a ‘closed’ group before. It reminds me of the little meetings I had in our garden shed AKA ‘The Gang Hut’ when I was 9 yrs old. Minus the piles of sweets and secret hand shakes. (Although if you want to gauge on sweets whilst posting on the group, who’s to know?)
So we’d talk about our secrets, dreams, and sometimes just talk about life. Cos you know when you’re 9, it’s all real important stuff.
The good thing for me about Authentic Bloggers is I know everyone on there is likeminded. None of my real life friends Blog, or could actually give two hoots about blogging or probably actually know what a blog even is. It’s great to have a whole bunch of great people who blog about a variety of subjects to bounce ideas off of, to get encouragement from, and sometimes, just to rant to.
So if you have a blog, are on Facebook and would like somewhere to come for support about blogging, work or just life in general. We would love to expand the group, all you have to do is come on over to The Group Facebook Page and request to join. Easy! And don’t forget to get your own button which will be on my side bar soon.
See you there!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Ukulele Club

Ukulele club
I think I told you Santa bought me a Ukulele. I probably also told you I have never ever played a musical instrument, or have any clue how to read music. I do like music though and like to think that I have some kind of rhythm. I do find that the more G & T’s one consumes, the better the rhythm gets Winking smile.
There was no alcohol involved at Ukulele club though, just coffee and cake, which actually seemed to help as the 10 or so people that came (most of whom had never played a Ukulele before either) managed to play ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ without the sound police doing a raid.
This was held at a local coffee shop in the evening, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I left not feeling a complete musical numpty.
Me and my Ukulele are forming quite a little bond.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Where we ate chocolate, talked about what we would (or wouldn't) do for 200.00 an hour, and talked about the book.

This week was my second meeting of The Book Club, at last we all got together to sit in a kitchen and eat cake, (the brownie recipe in the back of the book was made and was delish), and chat about a book, amongst other things. I did my taking charge bit and told everyone to bring diaries for easier planning of the next meeting (it gave me a bit of a headache trying to organise this one).
The book this time was this one..
the chocolate lovers club
Forget diamonds, chocolate is a girl’s best friend. Some women are addicted to shopping, others can’t get enough of champagne.Some like to curl up with a good book, and others want a night out on the town.
But there’s just one thing Lucy Lombard can’t live without, and that’s chocolate—rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolate.
For her there’s no substitute. There’s nothing it won’t cure, from heartache to a headache, and she’s not alone. Sharing her is passion are her three best friends and fellow addicts: sweet, peace-loving Autumn, harried mom Nadia, and sex kitten Chantal. Together they form a select group known as the Chocolate Lovers’ Club. Whenever there’s a crisis, they meet in their sanctuary, a cafĂ© called Chocolate Heaven, and with a cheating boyfriend who promises he’ll change, a flirtatious boss, a gambling husband, and a loveless marriage, there’s always plenty to discuss….
By turns hilarious and heartrending, The Chocolate Lovers’ Club brings together four unforgettable women from totally different worlds united in their passion for chocolate.
This book was first published in 2007, and is very chic lit. These girls eat chocolate a lot. I mean, I’m a chocolate lover, but these girls actually made me start to feel a bit icky whilst reading about them gorging themselves at every opportunity, or crisis. And believe me there was a lot of crisis. It was enjoyable though, the girls in the book are very different but all have a shared love obsession with chocolate, and they all come together to help each other out in a crisis., with chocolate of course taking a very important role in revenge for one of them. There is a second novel I believe, The Chocolate Lovers Diet, which I will read if it ever comes my way.
The gossip at the book club was all tied into the books characters and  ranged from who would or had,  helped someone on the wrong end of the law, who had (or would) smoked a joint, how much we would be willing to ‘do’ for 200.00 an hour, and the world of on line gambling.
Funny the things you learn about people just from discussing a book, you know what they say, what goes on in book club, stays in book club…

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday Thoughts…

Oh, Diane, where were you when I was in high school…

Friday, 9 January 2015

On skin care & being a grown up Clinique Review

When I was a teenager I was obsessed with skin care. I would spend all my pocket money on the cheap boots ‘cucumber’ range of skin products and would have ‘pamper days’ with my best friend where we would sit on the edge of the bath and soak our feet, with face masks on and think we were really grown up.
As I got older I spent a bit more money on products, but not much more. I do wonder just how good a product can be. Yes I agree there must be a difference between the cheapest own brand and the 100.00 miracle cream, but is there really much of a difference between the middle of the range moisturiser and the 60.00 one?
Since I’ve been subscribing to the You Beauty Discovery Box I’ve had the chance to try out products that either I’ve never heard of and/or are more expensive than I’m used to. And it’s got me thinking.
I’m a grown up, I earn my own money, I don’t have any dependents (Mr D not included) so why not try out the more expensive brands?
Then again, we all love a bargain. I became aware that Clinique were doing an advent promotion, A different offer every day for a week. The goodies above were free when you bought any product from the website and then the P&P was free. I bought a nail varnish for 12.00 (yikes) and got 5 free samples. Not insignificant sizes either, the facial scrub is 30ml on its own.
I feel like a grown up in the world of skin care. I’m going to give the Clinique Happy to a friend as this is the fragrance she always wears every day and it’s a lovely little hand bag size, but the rest is mine.
I’ve tried the mascara so far. This is a great size for my make up bag, and goes on nicely. I have a thing about mascara wands now, I can’t really explain it but I like it to be a good easy application. The mascara itself seems to stay where I put it, doesn't smudge or come off easily when I rub my eyes like a 2yr old if I’m tired, and yet comes off nicely with my cleanser.
I haven’t got around to testing the rest yet, as I’m using up products I’ve started. But when I do I’ll let you know what they are like.
Do you spend a lot on skin care?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Goals & Plans

I don’t really do resolutions, generally I’m not one to wait for the start of a New Year to make any changes I feel the need to make in my life. This year however, I’m making plans and goals for the coming year, mainly because I have quite a few things I want to do and I feel like I need to write them down here.
So this year:
Health: I already posted about my thoughts on fitness. I plan on taking more long walks (hopefully Mr will be up for that) Getting my bike out more than last year, (which lets face it won’t be hard as I neglected it last year) and maybe, just maybe doing exercise's (probably at home, I’m not sure about classes)
Music. Santa brought me a Ukulele, and I really want to learn to play it. I’ve never ever played a musical instrument (the blue recorder I owned when I was in primary school doesn't count as I couldn’t play a thing on it) so I have no clue about music cords, but Santa did bring me a couple of hours of Uke lessons to start me off, I’ve browsed You tube, and best of all a local coffee shop is having a Ukulele Club night.
Home. I love my home, it’s the only one Mr and I have lived in together, it’s nearly officially ours having lived here for about 20 years, but with that comes stuff. I’m a buyer, a collector, a girl with many likes and hobbies, books tea cups radios, pretty tins, all manor of stuff, and I like a house with stuff. I’m not a fan of the minimalist show home look. But I do feel like sometimes the stuff gets too much. I’m going to let go of some of it. And buy less of it.
Blogging. Of course there are blogging plans, I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve had my blog but it’s more than a few. I’ve had on and off relationships with it, but at the moment I feel like it’s going good. My readership has grown, I’ve got some fantastic virtual friends and I am enjoying posting. I plan on taking more photos with my big girls camera as since I got my phone and instagram which I was totally late to the party with) I’ve neglected my DLSR. I plan on posting about a variety of different things, and posting on a much more regular basis.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Harriet’s Tea Room Review

harriets tea room
Start the year as you mean to go on, that’s my thinking.  My first (of hopefully probably many) cream tea of 2015 was here, in Harriet's Tea Room Bury St Edmunds. My good friend had bought Mr and I a voucher each for Christmas so we thought we’d go and have a mooch around the sales, and have a nice civilised cuppa.
Harriet’s looks like one of those old fashioned tea rooms your granny used to go to. Actually the Bury branch only opened in 2001. It was Saturday lunchtime and as expected the world and their auntie had decided to partake in afternoon tea, but we got a table quickly served by one of the young waitresses in their old fashioned black and white uniform.
I had the cream tea which was yummy, my only thought was the scones were cold. I’m a scone warmed up kind of girl. Having said that, the scones were delicious. Mr had a baguette as he was after a savoury but I let him have half of one of my scones because I’m nice like that.
The tea? English Breakfast for me and Earl Grey for Mr.  Mine was very perfect, and I do like it when you get a pot of hot water too. Mr’s earl grey was very week, I think he would have liked another spoon of tea leaves in the pot, but he did say it was very nice tea, which is quite a compliment as he’s normally married Twinings. I'm sure that if asked the polite efficient waitress would have warmed my scone and even given Mr another scoop of leaves, but really, it wasn't that much of a deal.
The good thing is we still have a voucher as we only used one, so we can go back. Maybe I’ll pay the extra and have the full blown afternoon tea then, I did look longingly at the groups of girlfriends with their tiered cake stands full of yumminess. Hmm maybe even a glass of fizz to complete the treat?
I'm a bit sad we didn't purchase any tea to bring home but I can always go to their website and order some
So the question of the day is are you a scone warm or cold girl/boy?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sunday (Fitness) Thoughts..

I have never ever been on a diet. In fact when I was younger I would put myself on a ‘plump up’ because I was convinced I was too skinny (wow that was a long time ago..). Before my wedding day I enrolled in a gym because I wanted toned arms for my wedding outfit, which I mostly got, but I didn’t go mad with the fitness. I almost feel embarrassed to confess this plan as I feel as though I’m just on the end of a long line of people promising themselves to be fitter and then breaking said promise by mid February.. but..
This past year or so I’ve noticed a definite lack of fitness. I hardly got my bicycle out this year which makes me very sad as I love my bike ( her name is Tilly).
I have decided that this, my 43rd year of life, is the year I get fitter. I’m not planning on dieting. (Have you seeeen all my posts about tea and cake!) I cannot run for toffee. But I definitely need to get my bike out of the garage and well just walk more places.
I plan on eating less crap too, but…. one step at a time….lets not give the body too much of a shock..
This year so far Mr and I have had a couple of lovely long walks, yesterday I bought some new lights for my bike, and I plan on boring you all with how my fitness is going. I feel like if I feel like I have to fess up then I’m more likely to get it done.
Feel free to give a me a virtual kick up the backside if you think I’m slacking.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year!

New year 5
This is one of my favourite New Years quotes. I am looking forward to lots of fun and new adventures this coming year, also, I’m looking forward to drinking lots of tea, eating lots of cake, and generally enjoying life.
Who’s with me?