Monday, 31 August 2015


It’s started. That time when we forget the lovely (too) hot sunny days we’ve spent this year lying around relaxing and sipping one (or 6) gin and tonics, because we’ve had a couple of days of rain and suddenly it’s the bloody British summer and when will we ever get it.
Today we got up far too early to travel the 4 hour drive home in a big old slow moving vehicle in the persisting rain. The weekend was spent at an air and motor show at this event. I don’t actually have any pictures worth showing you as I was having technical differences with my camera, you will just have to take my word that we had a nice time. Mr saw the mistress (he’s actually seen her 3 times in a week but whose counting)? I read another book and tried to be sociable to the well meaning public wanting to look in my home on wheels and ask me how many miles to the gallon it does (fyi 8) and how much the tyres are. I confess that every now and then, I shut myself in.
I’m realising I’ve been a bit neglectful of my blog lately, but this is what happens in the summer season I’m afraid, and I haven't ever really got to grips with the whole scheduling posts thing like a ‘proper blogger’, I sometimes think I should but then I don’t really see myself doing that as a regular thing. It would be like writing in next weeks journal page and who does that?
I have to confess I bought some Christmas decs whilst away, some Christmas bunting. I’ve put it next to my advent calendar. Yes that’s what I said. What can I say, I can’t wait.
I’ve just realised I have just 4 weeks until we go to the hills and I’m wondering if all this gym time will be helpful. I’m kind of hoping I’ll surprise myself.

Friday, 21 August 2015

The Gym Diaries #3

It’s been 4 and a half months since I joined my Gym. I thought it was time for an update on my progress.
I’ve definitely got my favourite classes. And instructors. There are no bad instructors at my gym, but they all have their different ways of teaching the same routine and I like that.
I don’t have a ‘favourite spot’. I know that’s strange as I notice people in the same spots all the time. Those that want to be at the back, and those that want to be smack bang in front of the instructor. Speaking typing of which, purleeeeease STAGGER yourselves. If I was an instructor, I would make that happen. Most annoying thing ever. Because if I smack you in the arm during those iron crosses, that’s probably your fault. Also if someone comes in that few minutes late? MOVE your matt! Just a couple of inches will do it. Be an adult. Make room!
Shall we talk about putting the equipment away? How hard is it exactly to put the weights on the correct rack? For some people apparently it’s impossible. And putting it away before the class is over? Oh god I want to trip them up.
It may sound like I’m being grumpy but honestly I’m still loving my Gym membership. I average 7-8 classes a week, and the classes are an hour long with the exception of CX which is half an hour. Because honestly? Who wants to do an hour class of crunches and planks.
You may (or may not) be wondering if I’ve lost any weight with all these classes and I can tell you in the 4 and a half months I’ve lost just over half a stone. But more importantly than that, I have changed shape. My hips/waist are definitely smaller and my arms are definitely more toned. Enough for people to notice. My balance/flexibility has improved no end, and I feel so much stronger and healthier. I never used to be able to touch the floor in a forward fold, or touch my toes sitting down. I’m able to move through several warrior positions without feeling like I’m going to fall flat on my face.
I’ve just started to up my weights again in Pump. I’m squatting with 4x the weight I started out with, I did up my bench press weight last week which I was really proud of, then they sneakily changed the routine and I thought I was going to die. But I did it. I never thought my bicep weight would change but I upped it a bit this week, yes I did it, yes my biceps have hurt since.
In short everything is getting easier or even doable. Planks were something I never thought was in my reach and press ups? Not a chance in hell. Now I can do some, if not all of the set. As for triceps push ups well I can at least do them which is a bonus.
I’m starting to feel like my up coming holiday walking in Cumbria is going to be a bit of a difference experience to the last few. (Picture me whining and moaning going up the hills and the Mr encouraging me with the promise of chocolate)

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

That was Monday.. (Happy Birthday Eve to me!)

Monday was my Birthday Eve. After sitting on an airfield for the weekend we decided to brave the traffic and come home early so that we could go on a little Birthday Eve shopping trip.
The scene above isn’t quite what I expected to see, not being  the usual route to the next town, but Mr had the idea of checking up on some scaffolding…to see if it had appeared while he wasn’t looking.. (the life of the self employed). So then there was the chance to make dust.
The purpose of the shopping trip was to find me some comfortable walking boots which will take me up the hills which have been my enemy for the last few years. I am hoping that my new boots and my new found fitness levels will get me to the top of some hills without too much hurting and whining. I found some which are actually on my feet as I type to check them out properly. There is a chance I will be walking up and down and up and down my stairs soon.

It’s always the best thing when you stumble across a cafe you never new existed. And when it turns out they make the best milkshakes (with ice cream) and cake. I’m a happy girl.

No shopping trip is complete without a visit to a book store. I was like a child in a sweet shop when Mr told me to ‘choose a book’. FYI I chose The Italians at Cleat's Corner Store. It was a bit of an impulse book buy. I’d never heard of it before or the author, but something about it made me pick it up.
Stopping at Waitrose on the way home to pick up something for tea, which I had after y 2 studio classes. Body pump and body balance. The air conditioning didn’t see to be working I realised after I thought I was having a hot flush.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Ukulele Club

You remember back in January I told you about my Ukulele Club? Well you may be surprised to know I do still attend. On the first Wednesday evening of the month, I will be found trying to get my too large fingers onto the right strings.
I will admit it has not been without it’s challenges, firstly, it’s damn hard to get your fingers onto the right strings in the right position to make it sound like it should. Then when you get that one chord down, there another one has to be achieved straight after. Not even any time to celebrate.
 I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes, sitting in a small room elbow to elbow (or ukulele to ukulele) with 15 other novices can challenge the most patient of people. (But I confess  that I’m not the most patient of people) There are times when it is not okay to be strumming and twiddling. Especially when some are trying to listen to the person hosting the club so we know what’s expected, where to come in etc. Because if you spend that time fiddling, then you will want it all explained to you again. And again.
I confess that sometimes the thought has crossed my mind that I should take a ukulele and make contact with someone’s head with it.
But then the coffee and cake break happens and it’s all good.
Last night was the ‘Summer Bash’ this time hosted at a members home, complete with tropical punch in the garden and strawberry cake. Yum.
I’ve decided that before next club night I will do some homework and see if I cant get to grips with one of the harder chords.
Wish me luck!

Monday, 3 August 2015

On being 'That child free couple'

It happened again last week, whilst visiting a family’s elderly relative the son (who I’d probably met 6 times for a total of about half an hour) asked me ‘are your children still at home’.
This happens to me a lot, I’m 42, have been married 16 years (in Sept) and so it is assumed we have children.
When I reply that actually we don’t have any children there’s usually a couple of seconds silence which is then filled with them saying one of two things. They will either assume I need their approval by saying, ‘oh well I think that’s great, it’s up to you what you do with your life’. Or they will ask why. Like it’s any of their business and I need to give a valid reason. Or sometimes there’s an awkward ‘oh’ then a silence in which I think they wait for me to explain myself.
The truth is we don’t have a reason other than the fact that we never felt the need. The biological urge to reproduce never came. More important than the fact that we chose not to have children is the fact that we never actually chose to have any.
I’ve heard it all. I’m selfish for not reproducing. We’ll be lonely when we are old, we don’t know what we are missing. Can you imagine if I said what I was thinking, that actually being around them and their off spring for more than 10 minutes or listening to them moaning about the lack of money, time, social lives, sleep, respect (when the kids get older) makes me want to scream. (Or scoop my uterus out with a spoon).
Being the age we are now has it’s advantages in that people have now realised this is us, child free and content to be so.
There is a difference to being child less to being child free. We are definitely the latter, there is nothing 'less' about the life we are having.
“Being child free sucks….the only thing we ever get to do is whatever the hell we want.”

Sunday, 2 August 2015