Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Last years goals & plans... how did that go..

I was thinking about this year's goals ad plans, which led me to searching out last years post of the subject.
Lets see how that went shall we!
Health. This made me smile, as I was saying I wasn't sure about classes. Well I am now the queen of classes! I joined my local David Lloyd club back in March (probably took me 3 months to realise I needed the motivation of a class!) and I have to say it is the best thing I did and my biggest achievement of 2015. Separate Gym Diary post to come...
Music. Well I love my Ukulele which I have had for a year now. I have been attending the Ukulele group nights at the local coffee house once a month and this is where I admit I am not that great at it. My problem is my lack of practise in between, my brain does not remember the info from one club night to the next and I know that this would be different if I would just get the damn thing out of the bag at home. This year. Btw, did you see the great video we made? (have a look at it here!)
Home. Well, I think I do remember sorting out some stuff at the beginning of the year, but since Christmas the Mr and I have decided a lot more 'sorting' is required. I think it's that time when the decorations come down and I'm feeling like I need some organisation!
Blogging. Probably my biggest failure regarding my plans for my blog last year as I definitely fell off the end of the virtual world there for a few weeks (months?) I think I had bloggers block there for a while, and I have missed it. Hopefully I'm getting back on track.

What were your goals for 2015? How did that go?



  1. Oh, my goodness--I love that video so much! You guys sound great :) I love anything with a flapper, 1920s theme and you totally nailed it!

    I think it sounds as though you came really close to meeting and exceeding all of your goals--right on, sister! I'm hoping that this year I really put a bit more effort into the blog. I guess there are times when we all need a bit of a break.


  2. I love the video! Thanks for sharing!

    It sounds like you did a great job with your goals this year! Go you! :)

  3. I lost motivation to go to classes at the gym. Because I can't go regularly because of my job I always felt like the 'new one' Couldn't remember the routines either...a bit like you and your ukelele I suppose. Prefer the anonimity of the gym. Happy New Year. X