Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Decluttering and learning to let go

                     I've never got the whole 'minimalist' vibe. I collect stuff. I like my things around me, pretty things, books, piles of magazines (which have been read but that I think I may want to look at again) I never do.
So I decided at the ripe old age of 43 that I need to declutter my life a bit. Having sorted through my wardrobe and got rid of 2 black bags of items I haven't worn in forever, I have tentatively started on my desk.
I've always been a fan of snail mail, starting when I was young and sending mail to my school friends after my family were 'posted' to a different area. Then came this blog and a whole new group of snail mail friends were made.
I came across a very pretty shoe box (joules I believe) full to the brim with snail mail.
I love snail mail. I love all the pretty stickers and washi tapes, the postcards (I used to do postcrossing) and I just can never bring myself to throw the letters away.
But you know there comes a point when you realise you just can't keep hold of it all. I mean, they become a bit of a fire hazzard after a while.
So I sat and re-read the lot. Each notecard, letter and even some little books people had sent to me. I remembered friends I'd lost contact with, which made me a bit sad, but life moves on.
Then I threw them all in the recycling. I'm not going to lie, it was hard. But I'm a bit relieved that i've done it. I have to be honest and admit to myself that it was the first time I had ever re read those letters, they just sat in that box all closed up for years.
I'm proud of myself that I let go.


  1. I don't do minimalist either, but I do find it cathartic to have a clear out periodically. Well time won't be so hard. x

  2. Sometimes we just need to purge to cleanse ourselves. <3

  3. Good for you! Sometimes it can be cathartic to just go though things and get rid of some of it.

  4. I think there's a difference between minimalism and having a clutter free home. :) I also like my cherished items, but I really don't like to have unnecessary clutter!

  5. I am also on a huge sort and purge thing. Maybe I'm nesting with baby 4 coming or maybe I'm playing catch up from 11 months of doing none of it since Penelope was born? I'm not sure but it's kind of nice to see empty shelves in closets. It's weird, but it's nice.

    Though I know I'll probably fill them again. These few days of empty are glorious!