Thursday, 16 June 2016

Life Lately

It just whizzes by when I'm not paying attention. Time that is. Minutes, hours, days, and then it's been weeks and months and I've neglected things I love. Like this place.
A lot is going on right now in my little corner of the world.
Work is exceptionally busy, and so is playtime. I have to work hard in order to be able to do the things I love, because lets be honest right here, some of the things I love involve cold hard cash.
Some life updates for you.
I got a Kindle Paper white. I dithered a lot, and then jumped right on over to the dark side. I do love it, I'm sorry. (Not sorry)
I just read Me Before You. I blubbed. A lot.
I am right in the middle of a bathroom renovation which is both a dream and a nightmare all rolled into one. I am trying not to stress about the mess, dust and general upheaval and I am being grateful we have a second downstairs toilet, even though it is a pain in the ass having to go all that way for a pee in the middle of the night. I am also making the most of my gym membership, with the lovely clean changing rooms and showers.
I went to Savoy London for afternoon tea for a friends birthday and the men came too. They didn't love it as much as us ladies of course but they came and took part which I was pretty surprised at.
My clearing out and de-cluttering is still on going. Now that the bathroom has been emptied I have been ruthless.
I found a bottle of red wine in the back of my wardrobe while emptying it and I'm wondering if this makes me some kind of alcoholic?
I am becoming addicted to collecting points. Boots is becoming a favourite shop now I have the app on my phone for extra point collecting. I am saving them for buying Christmas presents. Because at the time of writing there only 192 sleeps until Christmas. Just sayin.
I am beginning to hate cats. There are 13 houses on my street and about four hundred and ninety seven cats. And they all use my flower pots and the passage way at the side of my house as their toilet.
I am still loving the gym, and not just because of the clean showers, I am getting to grips with those planks.
I need to visit with my virtual friends and catch up on their lives, hopefully I will get that done tomorrow as this evening I have to go back out to do some work, and then I need to sleep.


  1. It's nice to read a little update on your happenings and life. Take care of yourself Hun and enjoy your summer to the fullest.

  2. I read Me before You a few years ago, it's brilliant and I am NOT going to see the film. Isn't afternoon tea at the Savoy wonderful? I went earlier this year, I loved all the opulence and grandeur. Well done you, maintaining your gym routine...I'm still struggling and gave up with Body Pump.

  3. It's nice to hear from you. Sounds like life is the good kind of busy for you right now! You'll have to share some bathroom before and after snaps when it's finished ;)

  4. Hi Claire, It's good to hear from you, I too wonder where the time goes it just flashes by! You have been busy over the past few months. You must have been going to gym for ages now! Sarah x