Tuesday, 19 July 2016

KonMari The Life changing magic of tidying up, My journey

I can't even remember where I first heard about the book, I just remember reading it and thinking that it may well just change my life. Not to mislead you, I like stuff. I've never been a minimalist show home kind of girl, but having now lived in the same house for 22 years the stuff was kind of getting out of hand.
The book has some really good points, and then there's the stuff you just know would never happen. I do not walk in my front door and greet my house, I don't take my shoes off straight away, I only ever empty my handbag if I'm changing to another one (in the book you will learn that Marie empties her hand bag completely every night, putting everything away in it's place, and then re fills it the next day)
But I did get a lot out of the book. I have managed to condense my clothes down a lot, and my husband loves his t shirts folded in such a way that he can see them all at a glance.
So far I have tackled the under stairs cupboard, where I managed to persuade Mr D to get rid of a very heavy bin bag of jackets and boots that he previously clung on to but never wore. My wardrobe and Mr D's wardrobe has been organised and folded the KonMarie way, which released another bin bag for charity and one for rag, so last night I took a deep breath and KM'd my dressing table and top drawer.
Lately I've been a bit obsessed with the Boots App for collecting Advantage card points, my aim is to save them all to buy Christmas presents with, but as you can see it means I had a bit of a collection of products. After clearing out I have now given a soap bag full of products to my Niece and I have another small bag to give to a friend tomorrow. The products I've gotten rid of are either things I wouldn't use and have gotten free with other offers, or things I've tried and don't like/don't suit me. And actually mini mascaras are all well and good but I don't need 7 of them.
Even after giving these things away I shouldn't have to buy anymore for at least a couple of months, maybe even more.
I feel lighter, I have more space around me, I know where everything is, and what I have, I don't feel like I need to go and buy stuff don't need.
Have you read the book? I've passed mine on to a friend but I'm thinking of buying the second one 'Sparks Joy', who knows maybe one day I will be living in a show home (I hope not)



  1. I've read about half that book and it's moderately motivated me to condense and tidy up. I'm a lover of stuff too so it's not always easy just to get rid of my things. :)

  2. I have clear out of everything every 3 months. It does my Husbands head in but I find it very therapeutic

  3. My problem is that I'll start tidying up and end up doing a fashion show with all my clothes. Or looking through old photo albums. Or coloring in a coloring book. Sigh. I get distracted.

  4. I need to check out that book. I do well with clothing, because once I intentionally cut down on the amount of clothing in my wardrobe I found that I really liked it and have kept it that way. (I recently told my mom that I was going to get rid of my dressers and all of my clothes into my closet. She said, "Are you sure? Your closet isn't that big?" But I assured her I would be able to fit everything in and I did.) But there are other things I definitely need to cut down on. I'm starting to get more ruthless when I go through things because I'm so tired of having so much stuff!