Monday, 5 September 2016

At the grand old age of 44

August came and went. I turned 44 while I was absent from here. The reason for being absent, if I need one, is that life has been anything but.
August has been full on working, renovating, getting older, you know those life things that happen.
Mr took me to London for two days, where as you can see from this photo, I had a little lie down over the top of Tower Bridge. If you haven't been to this I would recommend buying a ticket and having a lie down yourself. Weird feeling.

We walked the river, up one way, down the other, stopping at nice places of the odd G&T. Well it was my Birthday.
We saw the show of one of my very favourite movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's which I really enjoyed even if the grumpy old women behind me did nothing but moan in the interval about it being not as good as the movie (the show is actually based on the book) and not being able to hear. (I thought there was those new wonderful inventions called HEARING AIDS. (Yes I shouted that in my head)

Other goings on in August have been.. I've read several books, been away in  the home on wheels for a weekend, dog sat for a week, looked after pigs chickens and generally felt like Felicity Kendal for 3 days, and then there has been work. A lot of that.
September looks much more civilised, which less work and more adventures which sounds pretty great to me, got to get the balance right after all.
I'm upping the gym visits this week, as the end of September will see me up those beautiful hills in The Lake District and I don't want to be holding everyone up!!
I imagine Blog land has been merrily hopping along without me, but I am back so I'll be seeing for myself how life is for everyone else.